Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries


Now I’m starting to look like this commercial. Actually, it’s kind of funny how everyone who was alive back then remembers these commercials. I suppose they could be filed away under “Shit you’d never get away with today”.

The bank sent me out to a property yesterday to see if the people had any interest at all in relocation assistance. I’d been going to this house for close to three months. I knew someone was living there, but had no idea who since they were never there when I was there. Yesterday as I rolled up the teenaged daughter opened the door to come outside. I went up to talk to her but without thinking I removed my sunglasses. Generally I do that so I don’t appear like the FBI or something since I wear mirrored aviators. After I did it I thought “fail”. I will say that kid looked right into my eyes. I resisted the temptation to say “You should see the other guy”.


Hopefully it’ll be gone in the next three or four days. It’s definitely draining down now.

Roessler has a La Brisa Pinot Noir. I probably paid around $25 for it. For the money there is no comparison. This earthy, cherry laden glass of beautiful balance will not let you down. Period. Layers of damp earth, dark cherries, bright spice, cedar and smokiness make this wine ridiculous at that price. I wouldn’t call it velvety but it wasn’t too tight on the finish either. By far one of the most interesting wines I’ve opened in a while and I’m really sad that it’s gone already. I grabbed a Pinot because I was making broiled salmon with a lemon honey sauce. Essentially I took 1/2 cup of chicken broth, 1/4 cup of lemon some cayenne and some garlic, added a little cornstarch and reduced it. At the end I added a little honey and spooned a little bit over the salmon. The salmon was broiled with simply salt and pepper on it. Even though it was wild salmon it couldn’t stand up to this wine. I should have done a jerk rub or a cajun spice rub and grilled it. The wine was that powerful. I thought this one could hold it’s own with my Holy Grail of Pinots, a Merry Edwards.

Roessler is doing some pretty interesting things with their Pinot Noir. The La Brisa retails around $30 a bottle, I’m pretty sure I paid around $25 for it at Pleasant Hill Wine Merchants. This one would stand up nicely to Thanksgiving dinner. Personally, I want a wine that will stand up to all of that food and this one will do it.

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