But you can’t see what those shades of gray keep covered

It really pisses me off all the people who pay lip service to Veteran’s day but then vote against real veteran’s interests.  You know, the clowns that wrap themselves in the flag and then won’t acknowledge that the wars that they were so gunho to have some one else fight actually jack these young kids up, sometimes for life.  People who never did a day of service advocating battles for others to fight.  Like say, Dick Cheney, who won’t shut the hell up.  Then won’t pay for the services these young men and women need.  Veterans should be honored with the best care available upon their return.  This country has been failing them consistently.  They deserve better.  We should honor them all by our actions.  I flew a flag yesterday for the first time.  Granted, it was partly because I didn’t own one until a friend gave me one last month.  But I flew it because liberals are Americans too, and we respect our troops too.

Now a great little story that’s good to remember and a link.

[youtube WmqFx9_vzd8]

This was over on Mental Floss yesterday.  Videos of guys coming home, but with more of a PBE twist.  Listen the the wives in the background, they’re almost as good as the guys in the videos.

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