Of every glove that laid him down



I could almost make this a wordless Wednesday post. But I suspect it requires a little explanation. The Brother is trying a case up in Ukiah. Loki has been at puppy prison camp. He can’t get back in time to pick Loki up, so I get him up from the kennel and The Brother comes here and gets him. Loki and Bubba don’t get along so I have to do the dog shuffle while they’re here. I want to beat the crap out of both of them for behaving like that, but they’re male Dobermans and that’s what they do. So I do the shuffle. Yesterday Bubba crashed the door and got to Loki. I was sure we were heading to the vet, but I grabbed Loki’s collar and got him crated before anything happened. From then on, one was crated, one was not. Buttheads.

Loki and Rita were in my office when I took the top two pictures. I don’t keep my groceries in my office, that’s a recycling bag.



The Brother showed up and got Loki last night. He was going to his car to put up Loki so he could spend a moment with Bubba who was in his crate. I walked into the living room and noticed a piece of shmutz on the carpet. I reached down to pick it up at the exact moment that Rita decided to leap up on the couch. I have never had my bell rung so badly by a dog before. She crumpled me. The Brother came back inside and I was sitting on the end of the couch, by then tears were running from the pain. He looks at me and I tell him Rita rang my bell. He usually ignores most of my bullshit, but this time he’s paying attention. He says “I can see that thing growing from here, you’d better put some ice on it.” The first picture is last night after ice. The second is this morning. It’s trying to swell closed this morning. It’s sure been a lot of years since I’ve had a black eye. They still suck.

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