U-Turn and some political ramblings

OK, nothing like a good old fashioned U-Turn. I’m down 3 pounds this morning, feeling much better, fired up to get to the gym this morning. It’s pouring out so a little black and tan man won’t be getting his morning walk. It’s all good, he doesn’t want to get his little Doberman footies wet anyway. They’ll melt if they get wet doncha know. I got my registration for Napa in the mail yesterday so I’m good to go on that one. Feeling very strong it should be good.

How many police officers does it take to bring down a crazy dude with a 3 inch blade? Apparently in New Orleans you just shoot the guy 9 times. Apparently NO police officers are only trained to shoot to kill. Note to self, do what the NOPD says, it’s all or nothing with those guys. I’m not crazy so I would do what a police officer asked me too. However, Mr. Crazyhoppeduponcrack or whatever his issue was didn’t get the memo. That’s fair, Crackheads don’t read memos from the NOPD. STILL, nine shots, all potential kill shots? Boys, take a Xanax, that’s overkill. Ask the guys on CSI. Did you lose your stun guns in the Hurricane? OK, good argument, but just shoot the guy once and see if he goes down, cuz if your shoot him nine times, he’s going down cuz he’s dead. How many cops were surrounding that guy anyway, and how did you not shoot each other if you were in a circle? Or did you just form a firing line? Take a page from NYPD. Y’all need some therapy, you’ve been through hell, get some help. Or maybe this is how NOPD has always done things, there’s just never been so many cameras around before…

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