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It must be time to talk about health care.  As I mentioned, I gave blood a couple of weeks ago.  I give blood every time I’m eligible.  I’m using the Alyx machine now so they can take one donation and turn it into four, and I only have to go four times a year.  I have issues with my iron level so I always have them check that first.  I’ll DQ about half of the time.  I stopped in for my appointment and had them check my iron.  I finally made it for the first time in three attempts.  Now I had to fill out the form.  They revise that form it seems like everytime I go there.  So I always have to read the damned thing.  It also seems like the print is getting smaller.  I didn’t have my cheaters so I couldn’t even see the damned thing this last time.  I asked the gal to read it to me and I’d answer the questions.  She was Russian so it was particularly adventuresome.  After about the second question I said “Look, I take no medication and I haven’t been to a Doctor in over a year, you can just mark “NO” for all those questions”.  That’s right, I’m one of those Americans who hasn’t been to a Doctor in over a year.  Because I can’t afford it.  I just hope it doesn’t end up being a Warren Zevon type error.

Yes, I paid for health insurance last year.  I paid $234 a month for Kaiser.  My deductable was $2700 and I pay 30% after that.  The purpose of that insurance was that if I got run over by a bus, someone would put me back together.  That’s it.  I had no delusions that it was going to include any sort of screening or actual health care.  So imagine my surprise when I got a phone call yesterday informing my health insurance (which only kicks in if I’ve been run over by a bus) was now going up to $295 a month.  That is a 21% increase in premiums.  For nothing.  I gave Kaiser $2808 last year and received nothing in return and those ass clowns now want me to give them $3540, that’s $732 more per year for nothing.  Yeah, we need some freaking health care reform.  Kaiser is privately held and George Halvorson’s salary seems to be a pretty closely guarded secret.  If someone else can find it, put it in the comments.  The Board of Directors each make $250k, nice work if you can get it.

If this is what they’re doing prior to Health Care Reform, what are they going to do after?


  • OldTitleGuy

    Well, lessee. When your Cobra dies (you know, when your former employer goes into bankruptcy and cuts off their health plan), you get to try HIPAA. Best deal I could find for me and my wife was about $1550 a month. $6,000 deductible. Each.

    Seems pre-existing conditions and age make a certain amount of difference. The way I count that up, the first 24k or so of health care for a year is my problem.

    Remarkably, we don’t have health insurance. Almost makes me want to be a Democrat.

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