Charlie thinks its cool to keep a large mouth bass in his new swimmin’ pool

My goodness what a day.  Didn’t do much work, but got a lot done around the house.  The dual panes on the front of the house?  Done.  New garage door?  Done.  Both items qualify for the energy tax break/credit whatever that is.  The guys did a great job on the windows.  They discovered on the first window that the Farm doesn’t necessary zig where it should or zag where it should.  And it lists to the right.  I’ve learned this the hard way and then neglected to tell them what I already knew.  Plumb is an interesting concept here.  Every guy who has been under this house has had to answer the question “Do you see a reason down there for this thing to list to the North?”  No one has.  So I just muddle along.  I’ve got to give a shout out to Scott at Pella Windows in Walnut Creek.  These windows are very nice and Scott priced them so well that it took every one else a long time to find a product that they could price similarly.  I figured the other guys weren’t going to give me that price without a better estimate sitting right in front of them so I went with the man who did it right from the get go.  My contractor raved about the quality of the windows.  That’s a good thing.  Best part?  No more cranks.  Or maybe that I can’t hear a thing in the front yard any more.  Or maybe that they just sllliiiideee open and closed.  Or that the front of the house won’t bake any more and I don’t have to worry about UV fading.  It’s a happy home improvement time for the Wine Dog.  When they came out to measure out the garage door the estimator told me that I had to clear back to 10 feet so they could get the old door off.  That involved moving that huge stack of wood from the deck my idiot friend talked me into buying and the Mustang.  Here’s how good Contra Costa Door was,  the estimator called down to the shop and asked for their big strong young guy to do the job so he could help push the car.  I’ve been moving this Mustang around since it broke in 1986.  It has a new engine in it now, but with everything else that’s been going on around here, the project has been stalled for about three years.  But with a floor jack I can move this thing around pretty well.  When the guy showed up the Mustang was out of the garage and in the front yard. He looks at me and says “It says here I’m supposed to help push a car”.  I said “Honey, I’m not going to waste that favor on a downhill, I rolled it out.  We’ll have fun pushing it back up the driveway.”  The windows guys joined in and it was a 30 second project.  The best part of all this was that the entire garage got swept out yesterday.  After a year of it not getting swept out, that was a good thing.  I’m really busy the next two days but I’m looking forward the getting the garage all cleaned up and put up and actually parking my BMW inside for the first time in two years.

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