I’m feedin’ the dog, sackin’ the trash

If you had a star in your car window, like a rock knick and went from 111 to 42 degrees, there’s a good chance your window would crack. Sometimes even the air conditioning will do that.  So if you take the earth’s crust and go from 111 to 42 in two days, chances are there will be a little bit of a rupture.  That’s my theory on why we’ve had a bunch of earthquakes in the last three days.  And to all those jackasses out there who don’t understand tsunami and went out to the beach, here’s a little light reading on what happens when a tsunami hits the California coast.  Crescent City got it again in 2006, not as bad.  These things are really a serious threat to the California coast and the Hawaiian Islands as well.  I really don’t understand the idea of going down to the beach.  Is that so you have farther to run if it does hit?  Or maybe just the natural thinning of the herd.  I found this looking for something else and it’s pretty interesting.

[youtube Iw3Dj6uGT04]

But I digress, I was just talking about how cold it’s been the last two nights after a weekend in the triple digits.  I don’t really think a tsunami is going to wash up on the shores of Mt. Diablo.

I had a conference call last night with some clients who work for Cisco.  They are six investors and I really like them.  I think they’re all engineers, they ask questions as if they were, but I digress.  They did the conference call on Cisco’s WebEx platform.  Super cool.  I log in and then it calls me.  The page that shows everyone logged in has three buttons on it.  You can share documents, your desktop and something else that I forgot what it was.  So I was looking at property and pulling up old reports on the property and they could essentially look over my shoulder and see my desktop.  Very cool.  They couldn’t see the glass of wine in front of the screen.

For everyone who’s asking, Bubba is back to normal, or as normal as that dog gets.  Either today or tomorrow I’m going to take him down to be re-weighed and pray that he’s got some weight back on.  He was down to 69.3 when we went down to Encina last week.  He’s getting fed three times most days.  I really think this guy can figure out his issue. 

I had Rita in dog school on Monday night.  She does a couple of things that get her special attention.  One is if she isn’t sure what she’s supposed to be doing she just runs through her repetoire in hopes of hitting on the thing I want.  It’s almost as if she’s saying “How about this?  No?  OK how about this?”  Towards the end of class we were doing just a couple of more things and she started pulling to leave.  I just thought she sensed that class was about over.  She tends to be a page ahead of everyone else.  She wouldn’t sit correctly so I handed her leash to the instructor who couldn’t get her to sit either.  She gave me back the lead and Rita splayed those hips and peed a lake right there.  The dog was trying to tell my dumb ass she needed to go out.  I gave the lead to the instructor while I cleaned up and the instructor says “Watch this.  Rita sit.”  And sit she did, perfectly.  She couldn’t sit before, she had to go.


Those of you who have been here know that there has been a stack of wood in the garage for a year now.  This wood is the makings of an 8X8 deck that one of my idiot friends thought I should buy for the yard last year.  Granted I needed a deck.  I didn’t need another project right then, I needed to get my real estate business up and running.  Yesterday the garage door guy came and measured.  He called back to the shop and they had what they needed for my door in stock.  When did I want it?  How about tomorrow (today).  Not a problem.  Then he tells me that I have to clear the garage back 10 feet which means moving the wood stack.  Strangely it was already on my list of things to get done in the next week or so, but right then was kind of intense.  I’m halfway through it and have to have it done by 11 this morning. And the Mustang needs to come out too which wouldn’t be too bad if there wasn’t a pile of rocks in my driveway right now.  The windows are going in today too so the entire front of the house will be different at 5pm tonight.  Then I’m going to run a sander over the front one more time, hose it off one more time and hopefully put a coat of primer on it tomorrow morning.  Then Sunday, the front of the house gets painted.  Wonder how many people will drive past it not recognizing it?  The neighbors across and to the left, nice people, are having their driveway redone.  Now I know why they’re all cracked.  No rebar.  I think I’m going to replace mine with pavers, but that’s currently requiring more thought process than I’m willing to put forth right now.  For now I’m going to see if I can figure out the Lego puzzle of a deck.  I have no idea what it’s supposed to look like finished, paint the place and finish digging up the roots for the Japanese maple in the front yard.

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