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Don’t give vanity a second chance

It’s been a wild few days here at the Farm. For those of you not in the know, Saturday marked the end of my 50th year. And the beginning of my 51st year. For those of you who haven’t gotten here, 51 kind of sucks. When you turn 50 it’s all sorts of fun and silliness and it’s a milestone and shit. 51 is just old. You’re on the second half even if you only live to 60. It’s kind of weird. Monday morning when I got on the EFX trainer I had to plug in 51. I just kind of looked at it as if the machine was the bastard that was making me old.

I have a client who is 27 years old. He’s a little tripped out by the fact that he’s at a point in his life where he can buy a house, at 27. I attempted to buy my first home at 33. I wish I had. I was scared of spending $300k on a condo. Actually not just any condo, one of these. I am a moron for not doing that. Three are currently on the market $899k to $1,195,000. I am a moron. So as I’m counseling him I tell him the story of the Clocktower Lofts and mention that I’m now 51 and still have a hard time believing they let me own my own home and entrust me with animals and such. It’s just a state of mind. What I don’t notice is his jaw has hit the floor. He’s no longer listening. Finally he blurts out “You’re 51 years old? I would have never in a million years guessed that!”. I may have fallen in love with a client. But really it drove home my point. It’s a state of mind. In my case, a state of denial. It’s not like a wear clothes that are too tight or age inappropriate or dye my hair or take botox injections. It’s just that the 22 year old idiot that I once was, never really went away. That’s probably ok. I think it’s okay to want to retire to a beach community so that you can surf every day, because you didn’t have time to surf during your working career.

Sunday I went to see the LPGA at Blackhawk. (thanks again for the tix) It was the first day in a long time where I wasn’t running here or there or thinking about what I should be doing rather than what I am doing. I try to always stay in the moment but sometimes the voices in my head are just too loud. But Sunday I watched most of the players come through. I started at the 18th and started walking backwards, which is how I usually do it. When I get to the leaders I follow them back to the end. Blackhawk Country Club is one of those stupid ass courses that can’t be walked. They actually had shuttle carts for the players on some of the holes. I got to the 15th hole and found a gentle PBE reader volunteering as a Marshall. I hung out there while a few groups came through and then walked back to the 14th. They had bleachers at the 14th so I sat there for a while. I ended up staying there until Gustafson and Ochoa came through. Ochoa’s lead had gone into the shitter by then. Gustafson was playing like a machine. Yang was in the group before them and I think she had three eagles and two birdies on the front nine. It was still a horserace at that point. Ochoa shanked one terribly early in the day and the out went even worse. She buried her iron in the sod. It didn’t improve for her from there. Too bad, I was rooting for her, I really like her game, but it was not to be. I’ve been remiss in my game this year. Mostly because I’ve been busy selling houses. I’m going to work this week on getting back out at least twice a week to smack a bucket of balls. I used to get that done easily every week before Alliance crumbled. Since I spent most of those years driving around, I’d just run by a driving range or rather stop as I drove past one. Now I drive past them I don’t have time for a quick break. Must adjust that now.

I know you’ve all been wondering “What’s the Wine Dog been drinking?” How about a little something from the BevMo nickel sale? Oh yeah. The Valentin “V” 2006 Syrah.

valentinThey’re currently selling the 2007 so apparently I got them last year. You never know in the Wine Dog Cellar. It was probably $8.99 per bottle with the second bottle for a nickel. It’s an Argentinean wine. Robert Pepi consults. And it’s really a great value wine. Extremely great value on the nickel sale. There is an uncommon lushness in this wine. It paired up nicely with the pork chop I threw on the grill. Dark cherries, plums and pepper are well balanced in this wine. There’s a smokiness to it that lets it pair perfectly with grilled meats. I just salt & peppered the chop but I could have made a glaze with it and this wine would have stood up nicely to it. When it’s all said and done, if you’re having 10 people over and Q-ing it up, at $4.50 a bottle you cannot lose with this one. It will kick Two Buck Chuck’s ass all day long and well into the night. Your friends will think you spent a lot more on the wine and it’ll be our little secret.

And the garden. I finally got the garden going again. Auntie was here in what? May? June? And left a gift card to Navlets. I hadn’t had time to even think about it until last week. I churned through the soil and went down to pick up some seeds and such. I asked the clerk about the citrus trees and she said “Come back on Thursday, they’re going on sale”. Okay, I can do that. She wasn’t kidding, when I came back they were 40% off. Holy Cowboys! So now I have several rows of little lettuces popping their heads up, lots of Swiss chard, brussel sprouts and fava beans. AND a grapefruit tree, an orange tree and a lemon tree waiting for me to dig three holes. Life is good here on the Farm.

Last week the double panes for the front of the house showed up and supposedly my buddy the contractor will be here tomorrow to install them and fix the gate that’s giving me agida. And in a mere two hours, a man from Contra Costa Door Company will be here to do the measurements for replacing the garage door. They came in $700 UNDER Home Depot on the very same quality product. Actually, a higher quality opener. Then, the Wine Dog is going to get out a can of paint and put some paint on this thing. Although I might let the neighbors kids paint it first.

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