Bon Mots and Cheap Shots

Money changes everything

Today is going to be short and sweet.  For those of you concerned about Bubba, he’s doing better.  We all know the rule, the first $300 never fixes the dog.  If the first bill exceeds $300 there’s a better than average chance that the dog will be healed.  It’s like the first $500 never fixes the BMW.  Or the first $200 never fixes the truck.  Thankfully the bike can still be fixed for under $100.  So with a $860 dog bill, he was destined to turn around and he did.  He’s still pretty gassy but it’s not the paint removing eye watering respiration stalling kind he did have.  He’s on antibiotics, rice and either boiled beef or cottage cheese.  He’s getting fed three times a day right now and I’ve increased the portions to 2 cups rice 1 cup cottage cheese or beef.  I had to bathe him too because he was in that crate with that mess.  I couldn’t even pet him he was so disgusting. He’s clean and gorgeous again and feeling better, so we’re back to as close to normal as we ever get around here.

[youtube UD5TFUC0ASI]

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