It’s just the beast under your bed

As if there weren’t enough on my plate, Bubba decided he needed a little extra attention yesterday.  Or at least his ass did.


It actually started Sunday night.  He woke me up in the middle of the night and needed to go out.  He raced out, hid behind a tree and did his business.  The privacy thing is normal so I didn’t really think that much about it.  When I did my clean up rounds in the morning it was apparent that his tummy was giving him issues.  I didn’t really think that much about it at the time.  Yesterday afternoon, I came home to that familiar scent of a very sick dog.  I’d only been gone for three hours.  On Mondays I have to go to each of my assignments and be sure that some asshats haven’t broken in over the weekend and say skateboarded in the living room.  (Sonofabun had that one over the weekend)  I’d knocked out the homes in Danville, Alamo and Moraga and was heading out to Pittsburg.  Yep, I have foreclosed houses in all those towns.  I get a call that my windows are in.  Windows, you say?  Yep, dual panes for the front of the house.  And the underlying reason why I haven’t called the City on the fence.  I’m fixing to install new dual panes on the front of the house sans permits.  (Don’t ask me what I think of that bullshit money generating scheme by the City)  Normally I would have been gone all day, but yesterday there was a pit stop around 2pm.  All was well at the farm.  I went back up and finished up my run by around 5pm and got back around 5:30pm.  All was not well at the farm.  Bubba was the issue and oh my God that dog had an issue.  I let him out and left him out.  His crate was a mess.  I pulled out his blanket to wash it and it was full of blood and other things of a scatalogical nature.  Bubba is a private dog.  I don’t get to ever see him assume the position.  I went out in the yard with them both and after running some frantic laps Bubba ran over to me and let me know in very explicit details what the issue was.  Game over.  I called Encina Veterinary and away we went.  In addition to the obvious issue, his nose was raw.  I couldn’t figure that one out at first. 

When you keep your dogs, Dobermans, Greyhounds and other similar leanly built dogs at weight, there’s not a lot of room for error.  Three to five pound weight loss can be disastrous.  I had also noticed last week that Bubba seemed to have lost some weight.  I was pretty concerned, since that’s the only symptom Beauregard showed for his cancer.  I didn’t want to lose a young dog barely a year after losing Beau.  I was getting ready to feed him three times a day.  I didn’t have a good reason yet to take him in for a full work up but that’s really in my heart of hearts what I wanted to do for the dog.  So with bloody shit all over everywhere yesterday, I had my justification.  Dr. Del Campo, a really cool guy who reminds me of an actor, that’ll come to me, was awesome at breaking down all the scenarios.  He instantaneously put together an action plan and had the issues prioritized.  He saw three things wrong with my dog.  1) Shit flying out his ass. 2) Weight loss 3) abrasion on his nose.  I wasn’t that concerned with his nose, it had occurred since 2pm.  It was bizarre but brand new.  Then he laid out an action plan and presented an estimate.  As he was talking to me Bubba kept licking his chops like a dog fixing to puke.  What I noticed was that he was running his tongue over the end of his nose and around his snout which was also raw.  #3 was off the agenda, I had my answer.  One thing that could be causing the main problem was a blockage.  X-rays were about third on the depth chart but I knew that would show a blockage and cancer so it was much higher on my depth chart.  In the end I authorized everything.  X-rays and a full blood work up would absolutely show cancer and blockages.  There was no comma in the estimate so I authorized all of it.  As it turned out everything came back ok but his bloodwork which showed a high white count.  This is one of the few situations where I will allow antibiotics.  So they gave him something for his diahrea and some antibiotics and put him on a bland diet, three times a day.  He’s supposed to come in once a week to be weighed until he gets his weight back on. 

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  1. poor bubba!!! poor val’s bank account!! i bet the nose is from him trying to bury something. maybe trying to cover up the poop in his crate?

  2. The nose was from running his tongue over it repeatedly. We’re at the best vet clinic in town. I think everybody has been missing something in this dog and hopefully this time we find it.

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