Bon mots and cheap shots

Wine of the Day

When I get a good one, I better open with it. Clos Pegase 1999 Homage Artisan series red wine. It’s sort of a Bordeaux blend. Cabernet Savignon, Petit Verdot and Merlot. At bottling the alcohol was 14.5%. It needed to open up a little and then it knocked my socks off. It was full of fruit and tannins and finished a little sweetness of a very ripe cherry. It was also smooth and subtle. I always look around to see what other people have to say about it. Here’s Wilson Daniel’s notes:

The 1999 Hommage Cabernet Sauvignon offers a dark and powerful blackcurrant and cherry fruit core, with toasted oak and spice elements. As a hallmark of the vintage, the wine is tightly wound on the palate, with a sweet, firm entry, full and rich mouthfeel and a dense tannin structure leading to a persistent finish. Drink now for unbridled power, or cellar for 10 years to allow the full depth and complexity of the wine to be revealed.

Drink now for unbridled power. That’s hot.

Conversation with my Mother

She is no longer driving. She tattooed some guy in downtown Concord two weeks ago and totaled the car. The good news…actually it was all good news. No one was hurt, she’s getting more for the car than she ever would have on the open market and the issue of when to retire her driver’s license is solved. This, however, has predicated a new issue for my brother and me. Driving Miss Daisy. We’ve agreed to swap off weekends taking her on her chores. Yesterday I took her to Costco (the prices are really good here, yes they are Mother) Trader Joe’s, Safeway and Walgreens. It takes a certain degree of planning to knock out all of your shopping in four stops and two hours, but we did pretty good. On the way home…

Mother: It’s really hard to think this far ahead to get the lists together.

Me: How’s that Ma?

Mother: Well, I’m used to shopping once a week.

Me: (blink, blink) You are shopping once a week.

New family addition

I’m very proud of my brother. After many years of saying he was going to get a dog, he finally did.



handsome young devil has come to live with my brother. His name is now Loki. He started out at the SF SPCA, then was almost bound for Redding, but ended up with Dogworks in Fairfield. I adopted Toby the Gypsy Doberman from them in 2003. They’re a great organization if you’re in the market for a rescue Doberman in Northern California. So far, the boys are very happy together. I missed them on Friday night, but hopefully I’ll catch up with them next weekend. Welcome Loki.

The goddamn French Door

This guy may be my brother from another mother. I found his site while looking for solutions to my French Doors. Now they track beautifully, and they are exactly, absolutely plumb. And they don’t meet properly in the middle. Everything I read said you needed a six foot level, so $50 later I have a six foot level. I’m still exactly, absolutely plumb. The other thing I needed was to run string from the corners and if it’s more than X of an inch apart at the cross, I’ve got something wrong. It rained yesterday, so I will try this experiment today.

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