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I do not sniff the coke I only drink Tempranillo

Racism, death, fences and 9/11.  For the love of God Wine Dog, could we please have some fun on this blog?

You betcha.  Let’s start with a little dumpster dive in flagrante delicto.  No, I can’t answer the question “What’s the matter with Kansas?”.

And week is not complete without taking a swipe at our friends in Richmond.  Ponzi=criminal.  Doesn’t seem to be much of a difference between Madoff and Chandler here.

Could I get a downgrade with a negative outlook back? Evil Empire, Old Repulsive, Dinty Moore, all got downgrades from Fitch.  The Bloodless Empire dodged that bullet, but I’d take a downgrade over reading this in the paper. That’s going to leave a mark.  We all know how many times stuff like this happens.  Wonder how many people have lost their houses in similar situations.  OK, you never want to see your company name on the Ripoff Report.

I could do Asshat of the Week but this week there are so many contenders it’s hard to know where to start.  So let’s start with this asshole.  For the record, I got a bottle of water thrown at me yesterday down in Pleasanton.  It whizzed past my head.  If it had hit my head, chances are I’d have gone down.  That’s assault.  That’s no different than me walking up to someone and cold cocking them.  I was riding by my self, legally in a bike lane.  So Chef James Martin, you’re an asshole.  And I hope your show and your column are cancelled and you lose everything, because people in positions of responsibility should know better.  Idiot.

Fox news gets owned by Rick Sanchez.

[youtube qM1f5xrOfGU]

Dammit, I’m sorry.  Is this better?

[youtube 0pDCl9SH9H0]

And let’s review a bottle of wine just for shits and giggles.  I’ve been drinking less wine because I’ve been on a more strict training program.  That’s what I get for asking Mr. Hardcore for advice.  I have to keep my heart rate below 130 beats per minute, 129 after next Saturday, and stay on the flat for long slow distance.  The first two weeks I really struggled.  Then last week it rained and I didn’t even bother to go out.  I took a weekend off for the first time in almost a year.  I think I needed that more than anything.  Yesterday’s ride was a piece of cake.  It was 68 out and back on Danville Blvd all the way to Sunol and back.  Generally that ride bores me, but yesterday I had a fresh outlook and was just banging.  I was probably 50 miles into it when I met a guy at the corner of Bollinger and San Ramon Valley Blvd.  He pulled over in the shade for a minute and I asked him if he was ok.  He waved he was all good and I continued to the light.  Then he pulled up next to me and it was on.  We rode together all the way to Rudgear, with my heart rate monitor blowing up the whole way.  We were traveling around 23 mph and it was ridiculous fun.  Cool dude, told me about some other local rides and one up in Guerneville.  When I peeled off at Rudgear I tried to get my heart rate back down where it belonged.  It was getting hot and now I had to really work at slowing it down.  I got it for the most part.  As I was coming up the last little hill before my house the thing is blowing up again and I hear a voice saying “Keep that heart rate down”.  There’s Mr. Hardcore sitting in his car waiting for his son.  I confessed my sin and he says “Didja have fun”.  Oh Hell yeah I did.  Good.  Anyway, one of the games I like to play is pot luck in my wine cellar.  I blindly pull out three bottles and choose one of the three to drink.  Last night I pulled out a Lan Reserva Rioja 2004, a Whitehall Cab 2006 and a Verismo 2006 Cab.  Of the three, The Lan Reserva is the only Wine Spectator Top 100.  #52 in particular, at $15 per bottle.


It’s a Tempranillo.  I loves me some Tempranillo.  And I love this one.  It’s a spicy Spanish wine with ripe plums, a touch of licorice, and a tremendous amount of balance.  There’s some pepper on the middle and a certain smokiness to it.  I was grilling a steak last night with one of my rubs (which I really should market) and they complimented each other beautifully.  I’ll get to the other two some other night, but than Lan Rioja is just one nice little wine.

[youtube xuthjTjkLH4]

Jake’s got game.

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  • Skip-itty-doodah

    whad’s the mad-der wit Kansas? when Kerry Livgren left he took all the best songs wit ’em..dats whad!…que the banjo music. BTW I have been enjoying some great blended wines lately,Tempranillo/Garnacha..good stuff…wine dog any blends you can recommend?

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