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We’re all humanary stew

How about a little photojournalism? Glad you asked. Today amongst about 75 other things I did, I headed out to Oakley to pick up some river rock from one of my clients. I have two more loads to get. I load until my truck gets down on it’s springs and thats that. Well today I went to the dump first just to drop off a couple of things. They used to charge by weight. Now there’s a minimum charge of $22. I had a chair and a medicine cabinet. Both were brought over here by somebody else who left them here thinking that I wanted them. I didn’t. I sure as hell wasn’t going to spend $22 getting them out of here. So off I went looking for an opportunity at a dumpster. I was in Pittsburg and those guys know better. I considered stopping by a house that I knew wasn’t trashed out but that’s really border line so I didn’t do that either. I decided to put the medicine cabinet inside the cab of the truck and the chair on top of the river rocks and just break the stuff down and put it in the trash when I got home. Traffic was stopped on the 4, (what a surprise) so I stayed on surface streets. I looked up and there was the 19th Hole. For those of you in the know, next to the 19th Hole is Duane’s Meats. Duane’s is well known on the raw dog food circuit. He’s got the best deal on bones. And a dumpster that’s locked. I got 10 pounds of bones for the Hellhoundz and headed to Oakley to get my river rocks.



They were a big hit to say the least. Rita is still entertained. Bubba is asleep in the doorway. Life is good. I head out to Oakley, pull the chair out of the back of the truck and put the medicine cabinet inside the cab of the truck. My client and I loaded up the truck until it was down on the springs and I headed back to Concord. Upon my arrival, I moved some cars around and started unloading the rocks. By now my back is toast so I’m moving pretty slowly. I’m doing other tasks in between to keep my lower back from freezing up on me. I take the chair out of the truck and disassemble it and put its parts in the trash. I go and get the medicine cabinet out of the truck and start disassembling it. I take off the lower hinged door. I take off the two front doors. I unscrew the front from the back but it won’t come off. So I turn it over and this is what I found.


This is the first one I have seen at this property. There are 19 trees on this property. I’m not an idiot. I know there are thousands of them here. I know there are probably brown recluses too. I found a tarantula at my last house. There are tons of wolf spiders here. Those guys travel in pairs across the living room floor. Still in two years this is the first one of these I’ve run across. More over, this morning when I read this article on Claycord, I prayed this didn’t affect my area. Dammit.

And for those of you who have been asking, last week I went back to the vet. She was perplexed that Rita was still leaking too. Quite honestly, her condition is one that is ALWAYS cured by acupuncture, so I was shocked that she wasn’t responding. The vet gave her a prescription for Cystolamine and things have been wonderfully dry around here. It should not be working but it is and that’s good enough for me.

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  • WineWonkette

    We have those all over the backyard near the fence. Brown recluses in the house – annoying as hell. But they have not bitten me like the assassin bug who made my arm swell up to twice its size and cause me to have to have a nasty shot. The spiders stay away from the dogs and vice versa. I’d suggest some long garden gloves – you can pick some up at Smith & Hawken before they go out of business.

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