Hands in their pockets feelin’ cheated


Good thing the Evil Empire is keeping quality staff onboard. Not so much. Wonder if she’s still the Manager of the Bellevue, Washington office…And the creditors in the Ted’s Excellent Title Adventure bankruptcy case want to cut the attorney’s fees. I’m sure it’s a very complicated case that requires hours of really smart guys pouring over it but check it:

The creditors question requests for more than $3.8 million in fees and expenses from four law firms and one financial advising company for work done from March 1 to May 31, according to court documents. Two of the firms — McGuireWoods and Tavenner & Beran — are from Richmond.

Nice work if you can get it. On the upside, the IRS is exploring methods for “providing relief” to the customers of the LandAmerica 1031 Exchange Services, Inc. Apparently some members of Congress have gotten involved and asked the Treasury Department to see what can be done. Their shit has been tied up in bankruptcy over 180 days and that’s not going to look good on next years return. With all this legal wrangling going on, you’ll be pleased to know that the former top legal dog at LandAmerica (also known as the assklown that put all this shit together that ultimately ripped off all those consumers) has taken a job at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. Fox. Hen house. Nice work if you can get it.

And back over at the Evil Empire, net income last quarter was $91.9 million! At what point do they stop beating their remaining staff like a bunch of bad dogs and start rehiring some of the laid off staff so they can at least service the business they have? And at what point do they start restoring the deeply cut salaries of the staff who weathered all this bullshit out? Yeah, I’m watching you.

Speaking of the Evil Empire, once again I’m being forced over there on an escrow. This time my client asked me to check rates with other companies. My deal (if it goes) is a little piddley POS condo. No one, including the buyer gives a shit about this thing. Fees at the Evil Empire where we will be forced are $1500. Fees for the exact same product from Old Repulsive? $1100. Think this is going to be a class action eventually? You betcha. One of these days some high end attorney who knows what he or she is doing is going to pick up an REO and look at the addendums and say WTF? And then the fit is going to hit the Shan.

Throughout the Coconut Telegraph we’re hearing there’s another moratorium on foreclosures. Right now the market is stupid tight and everything is getting bid up. If the banks artificially slow up this market, what does that do to the next market? Exactly. How did I manage to figure this out with my high school education and all those Harvard MBA’s can’t get this right?

File this one under “When smart people do stupid shit”

Or stupid is as stupid does. I was out working in the yard Wednesday night. Moving river rocks and clearing the front yard for the onslaught of Hispanic day workers who I will bring in over the weekend to clear the weeds and maybe even break up the walk way in preparation for making my house look less like a foreclosure house and more like it belongs in the neighborhood. I discovered there was no cold beer so I threw on in the fridge and one in the freezer. I cleared several wheelbarrows full of rocks and then got stupid. Apparently I didn’t want a beer any more. And forgot I had put one on rapid chill. Fast forward to last night. I put on my boots to go clear some rocks and then a lightbulb went on in my head.


And finally, because we haven’t done this one in a while, may I present to you, The Google Keywords of the Weak Week.

lambros gianos (what?)

foley wine group (yeah the boycott is still on)

alliance title company california (at least someone still remembers)

cocaine enraged bunnies (ok this is funny but I don’t know how that all went together)

german candy that looks like a butt with ears (this might be my all time favorite)

fatco the hungry bear

deformed ballet bunny (that’s up there with the Donnie Darko bunny)

Whew!  That’s like an adventure through the Looking Glass with Alice.  And Grace Slick.  In 1969.

[youtube s2XFA7MU9jg]

Ahhh, the 80’s.

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