Stuck on Stupid

There’s someone in my head but it’s not me

I’m on day three of a headache.  The list of things that haven’t helped include balm on my traps (believed to be the culprit) copious amounts of Vitamin (A)dvil, exclusion of God forbid, wine and a trip to the acupuncturist.  And it’s actually worse this morning.  Bad enough that I can’t even get too pissed off at anything.  I think it’s the result of a crappy pillow up in Sonoma, but I’m not ruling out anything. It could also be withdrawal from great cheese.  We got a lot of wonderful cheese last weekend in the Wine Country.  I love cheese.  I’m going to try and track down my Chiro today.  I think she’s the key now.

I don’t have much today, so here’s a story about a firefighter who saw a man riding his bike and towing his child along a busy road and decided to stop and let him know that it was a dangerous road.  It was dangerous alright.  What is the matter with our society?

Two random thoughts.  I wish I had more title stuff, but I just don’t get info like I used to.  I do love the comments section when I do.  Thought two: BMW cost me $4600 this week.  It’s been in the shop since Monday.  It should piss me off, but I miss it.  Kind of like the Lone Ranger misses Silver.

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