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FNF earnings soar in 2Q

The Burgermeister must be thrilled. They shed a lot of blood but they got the Evil Empire back into the black. Ethics be damned! The Evil Empire earned 40 cents per diluted share up from 3 cents per share q2 2008. Orders increased 61 percent. Of those 61 percent, I wonder how many people actually chose to do business with them as opposed to the thousands who were illegally strong-armed into doing business with them because of pre-existing back room deals cut with unscrupulous banks. To me that’s the same mentality as a spurned spouse who continues to force themselves into somebody’s life after the relationship ends. If they don’t want to be with you, leave. If we don’t want to do business with you why do you force us to? One day someone is going to file a class action against Fidelity and First American for these business practices. I hope their attorney forces which ever company they sue to shut down for a month Nationwide as part of the settlement. These guys deserve it. It’s not like it’s a one time offense, it’s their business practice and it’s wrong. I’m sick and tired of business that thinks that the rules don’t apply to them. Banks and insurance companies are at the top of the list in my book and I pray we don’t bail out another one of these companies, we let them fail.

I don’t know this guy but I bet he’s banned from the First American servers too. Because it’s much wiser to ban the dissenting opinion than to have meaningful discussion. I like his take on AB 957 too. I suspect this blog is banned from their servers too. You see, I’m not alone. The voices are starting to rise up and we will be heard. Enough is enough. Pretty soon you won’t be able to google “First American+Respa” from their servers. Good to see they’re getting into another business sector. Not. And Citigroup is apparently in the luxury hotel business now.

I could go on this tangent for quite a while today, but yesterday a simple ball joint repair job has turned into replacing the brain in the brake and traction system of the BMW. I have to go sell a house. It devoured the bulk of the commission I made last Friday. I guess stopping and ABS and panic braking are important, but damn! I think I can buy a new KIA for what I just handed the mechanic.

Remember, Boycott Foley Wine Group! Don’t let this guy do to wine what he did to title insurance.

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  • titleslug

    During an ALTA forum held at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, FL, the empires (both evil and bloodless) were part of a panel with Teddy’s boys and Dinty Moore. Only Stewart Morris Jr said the property owner is his client. The rest explicitly said the bank is their client. Their arrogance is born from this belief. If they thought propery owners were their clients, they’d behave differently.
    The very premise of who is the client should be challenged. It’s simple. The client is WHO PAYS YOU. Title, escrow, appraisers, inspectors and the BANK are all paid by the homoeowner! Mr. Meister, whose your daddy?!

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