High Anxiety

LIBRA September 22-October 22
It may feel like you’re falling behind, but that’s your high expectations talking. You’re moving along at a clipped pace.

This weekend brought four major projects.  Replacing the dishwasher, fixing the plumbing under the sink, fixing the French doors and prepping the front for paint  I never got to the prepping the front part, and the jury is still out on the French doors, but progress was made.

Out with the old…


And in with the new!


(Notice the super cool blue lights)

I ran it through and so far so good.  No leaks, no overspill with my Rube Goldberg air-gap installation and no leaks with the new elbow under the sink.  I’m hopeful that I can wipe it down and put the soap and Comet and Bon Ami under the sink finally.

Cooking Big Dog Style

This week’s food features Jambalaya for lunch. 

2T olive oil

1 package Trader Joe’s Chicken Andouille sausage cut in pieces

1 pound skinless chicken thighs cut in pieces

1 pound medium shrimp

2 onions

2 cloves garlic

3 stalks celery

1 red and 1 orange pepper

3 Thai peppers (from Harry’s garden)

4 Roma Tomatoes

2 cups brown rice

Spice mix

2T paprika

1T salt

1T pepper

2 t Cayenne

1T Oregano

1T thyme

Dust the shrimp with spice mix and saute briefly.  Pull out and set aside.  Dust the chicken thighs with spice mix and saute.  After around 6 minutes add sausage and cook another 4 or 5 minutes.  Pull out and throw in onions, celery, pepper, and garlic and cook until limp  Add meat and shrimp back in and toss around.  Add 8 cups of water and bring to boil for 20 minutes.  Add rice, reduce heat to simmer, cover and cook for 1 hour.  Let sit for 30 minutes and you’re good to go.

This week’s food


Oatmeal and 1/2 cup ff cottage cheese

Mid morning

Beef jerky and fat free yogurt



Mid afternoon

Apple and string cheese


Beef stew, ww pasta and Caesar salad


Ricotta cheese and blueberries

Why I don’t spend money on dog toys


Wine of the Day

The Foley Charbono.  I’ll have to check the year, but what a fun wine.  Lots of layers of flavor, big on fruit, and pepper but not overpowering.  A nice smooth finish.  We decided that it kind of acts like a Zin with character.  We accidently had some Roquefort cheese with it. (I was originally going to slice a couple of pieces to put over my London Broil and we started nibbling on it)   It was so good we ate most of the Roquefort.

5 Replies to “High Anxiety”

  1. We just received a notice that our dishwasher has been recalled. After, uh… Well, over 7 years, anyway. They’re so nice that they’re willing to give us 75 whole dollars if we replace it with one of theirs.


    My horoscope says I’m unmotivated and just want to play.


  2. Any chance it was a Kenmore? I pulled one of those out of this place and I’m installing it at my Mom’s house.

    And FWIW, it was a Robert Foley Charbono, NV.

  3. No, it’s an… Amada? Is that even a brand? I don’t know. It’s a cheap piece of crap. But it still works reasonably well enough that I had no intention of replacing it any time soon.

    Sorry, I just can’t get into the wine thing. Maybe that’s because I’ve only ever tried two that I liked. For some reason, SweetPea keeps buying it for me, though.

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