Lunacy is…

Changing up your webpage on a full moon.  No, I don’t know what I was thinking.  I’ll be playing with the changes over the next few days, hopefully I won’t fade to black.   I’ll also be adding a Current Events category and dropping a bunch of the others.  Some things I just have to comment on, and maybe they don’t fit into the Bush is a Moron or Stuck on Stupid category.   Stuff where I just want to write a minuet and maybe even be kind.  I’m also loading up some archived stuff left over from the move.  Those on RSS might get clobbered in the next three days so I’ll apologize in advance.

What is the Wine Dog drinking?

Well, I sure as hell had better be drinking if I’m going to tinker with my webpage on a full moon.  Guenoc’s 2005 Claret.  Such a deal at BevMo’s nickel sale.  Easy to drink, lively, enjoyable wine.  Not the bring to dinner at Lark Creek kind of wine, but a drink at home because I deserve a good glass of wine kind of wine.

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  1. You know real geeks drink beer.

    Tonight I’ll be down at Neighbor’s house drinking some beer with an anchor on it. Not because it’s good, but because it’s there and it’s a good night for beer.

    Tomorrow: Harvest Festival. Tomorrow night I think I’m going to need to break out the Amarula.

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