On becoming the biggest loser

This week’s lunch fare include my version of Joyce Goldstein’s Garofolato di Manzo alla Romana, beef stew scented with clove.  She serves is with mashed potatoes, but I put it over a baked potato because that’s more Body for Life.  So this week’s menu:


1/2 WW English muffin with 2 slices lean Canadian Bacon and a slice of low fat Havarti

Morning snack

1 oz beef jerkey

1 can Yoplait fat free


Beef stew on a baked potato with spaghetti squash -total calories on this 380

Afternoon snack

Apple and String cheese


WW tortilla with a chicken breast a little light cheese, fat free sour cream and fresh salsa



Ricotta and boysenberries.

I’ve kicked it up a notch in the gym and added 10 pounds to my max on the bench.  I’m keeping it light on the deadlifts because my hip has been bothering me.  Today I did sets at 195.  My left shoulder has been a bit of a punk but I’ve been icing it, and we all know, ice is your friend.

This morning’s weigh in: 211 -a little disappointing.

And today my Clos Pegase shipment arrived.  A bottle of the new Pegaso and a bottle of the new Cabernet Franc.  My stomach is almost far enough over the flu to start thinking bad thoughts about the Pegaso.

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  1. So, it sounds like BFL is heavy on the protein, with a nod to good carbs and a don’t forget some fruits & veggies… Have you sat down & worked out what your total calories, fat & fiber are for a given day? That might help you see something that could be changed so you don’t keep being disappointed in the morning.

    Ice is my friend, but I use it on my eyes. Allergies can make for puffy mornings.

  2. Calories Eaten Today
    grams cals %total
    Total: 1828
    Fat: 70 633 36%
    Sat: 29 262 15%
    Poly: 5 46 3%
    Mono: 30 271 16%
    Carbs: 187 626 36%
    Fiber: 3 0 0%
    Protein: 117 468 27%
    Alcohol: 3 19 1%

    Glad you asked. I put it through Fitday and it’s coming up a little high on fat and low on protein. I’d like to get the protein around 40% and the carbs just a smidgen higher and drop the fat. 40/40/20 is my goal. Of course the whole milk ricotta cheese isn’t helping.

    shuffling back to the drawing board.

  3. Personally, I suggest upping the fiber significantly. It’s really good for helping weight loss (because it keeps things moving through your system… you know).

    Try switching your english muffin to these, for a start. Perhaps add one piece of fruit every time you eat anything? Apples, pears, and citrus are excellent choices and are coming into season.

    Also, whole milk is not your friend.

  4. The english muffin is whole wheat or multi grain. I get at least a fruit or veggie at every meal but the mid morning snack. I neglected to mention the oj that I pour my vitamins into. I need to get a grapefruit tree planted at the Farm and then I’ll be cooking with grease. 😉

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