Banjos playing through the broken glass

Some one, who will remain nameless, loves to taunt the Wine Dog.  I get emails all the time entitled “Toro, toro!”.  They’re always subjects guaranteed to enrage me.  She missed this one.


Apparently the Alabama ABC decided that the Cycles Gladiators Wine’s logo was pornography and banned the sale of their wines in Alabama.  Actually, their logo is an art poster from 1895, created by the French artist G. Massias.  It says so on their website.  I thought when Bush & Co. left it was ok to like the French again.   I mean, really, they are so French.  So someone in Alabama complained.  I have to wonder what repressed backwoods inbred did that.  Was it one of those wingnuts that thinks that Hawaii is not a State and therefore our President isn’t a citizen?  Was it the people who elected that pinched little nutsack Jeff Sessions repeatedly?  Was it the people who rallied over the 10 Commandments being removed from the courthouse steps?  And once this Rainman complained, you listened why?

I’m a fan of Cycles Gladiator Wines.  They make good juice.  Damn good juice.  The State of Alabama doesn’t actually deserve a quality product like that.  They can go back to their moonshine and prison wine and STFU. 

Cycles Gladiator was at the LiveStrong dinner I went to.  The wine flowed, and flowed and flowed  that night.  I personally appreciated their support of the cause.  They are a stand up organization.  The State of Alabama…not so much.

I’ve been laying off the Sontamayer hearings, but only because of time restraints, not because it didn’t piss me off.  First, these hearings are bullshit.  It’s just a way for the Senators to bluster and pontificate.  It really has nothing to do with her abilities.  It’s a product of television that the Senators have used to bolster their standing.  Jeff Sessions should never be allowed to speak in public again.  Thank God in 1986 when that very same Senate had an opportunity to confirm him as a judge they didn’t.  He could not pour piss from a boot with the instructions on the heel.  Moron.  Nothing and I do mean NOTHING pisses me off more than a bunch of privilidged white guys calling a Latina woman a racist.  You assholes have no idea what it’s like not being a white man in this country.  You can hail a cab anywhere you want in any City in America.  You don’t get pulled over for Driving While Black.  Or Hispanic.  The schools in your neighborhood are consistantly better than the schools in the other neighborhoods.  So to The Limburger and Jeff Sessions and whatever Cheney idiot spawn is currently running on at the mouth, do us all a favor and shut up.  Shut up.  Back in the 90’s Dave Stewart, the pitcher for the A’s spoke of another pitcher in an off the cuff remark.  He got in a lot of grief for it, the other pitcher was Roger Clemens.  Stewart was 9-1 lifetime against Clemens.  Stewart remarked “He can’t carry my jock”.  That applies to Jeff Sessions and The Limburger when it comes to Sontamayer.  They are not qualified to comment on her legal background.  Her personal beliefs don’t jibe with her decisions because SHE FOLLOWS THE LAW.  If the State of Alabama followed the law there would never have been any discussion over the 10 commandments at the courthouse.  Separation of church and State, they don’t belong there.  Thank you for playing our game. 

Justice Potter Stewart in the famous 1964 case failed to define pornography any more than to say “I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material but I know it when I see it.”  Well, Judge, I know it when I see it, and it’s not an 1895 art poster that’s used on a wine bottle.  The repression of the American psyche by a bunch of Bible thumping hypocrites is obscene.

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