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Anybody who tells you that real estate isn’t busy right now is a lazy bastard. It’s screaming busy if you chose to make it happen. So I have been a little remiss, but I also have to be in the correct headspace if it’s going to be a rant. And some asshats earned themselves a rant on Sunday morning.

I met some gals at the LunaChix clinic a couple of weeks ago and we decided to go on loosely organized rides together. We all rode alone normally and every now and then it’s nice to ride with some people. Sunday we went on what was billed a ClimbFest.

You know the drill. Click the elevation button. All of our computers said we went around 27.6 miles. Change in elevation 1736. That’s a climb fest. Here’s the pisser. On this particular Sunday, the NorCal Minis was having a “Backroads Rally” on some of the same route. Interestingly enough, the vehicle code applies to Mini Coopers as well as other vehicles. These little asshats kept buzzing us on the way by.

Now whenever you have climbing, you have descending too. I am a lousy climber, mostly because I have so much ass to drag up the hill. I am a skilled descender. Never bet against a Clydesdale on a downhill. Descending is actually harder than climbing because technically there’s more to do. Or you die. I typically get into the 40’s on the downhill. If you come around a corner on a bike and there’s sand or gravel, you’re going to meet St. Peter. If you’re descending and an ascending vehicle chooses to unsafely pass an ascending bicycle and comes well into your lane, well, angels will be singing. If the front tire blows, it could be very bad. So descending can be very dangerous and technically requires a bit of skill. I’ve gotten pretty good at it. Having the bike fitted helped a lot. Me and the bike are one on the downhill.

[youtube wa04ezGMJ2c]

California Vehicle Code says only one vehicle can occupy a lane at any one time. Generally cyclists stay way to the right when it’s safe and allow vehicles to pass. There are idiot cyclists to be sure, but for the most part, if it’s safe they stay to the right. It’s not safe to do it that way on the downhill. In the back country these downhills usually have 25-30mph speed limits because of the turnbacks and hairpins. Bicyclists can easily travel at that speed so there is no real reason to pass a skilled cyclist. And it’s safer to take the entire lane at that speed. Hang back and enjoy the ride. Unless you’re an asshat in a Mini Cooper. Then you ride my ass all the way down the hill even though I’m traveling over 35mph, in EXCESS of the speed limit. I knew he was back there. I didn’t know how close he was.

When we got to the intersection of Bear Creek and Alhambra they had a “pit stop” set up for the mini drivers. We stopped there for a minute because it was right before the 3 bears. I said to one of the guys “Hey, this isn’t a speedway. Tell these guys to back off on the cyclists. There’s a lot of us out there and your guys are making it dangerous.” Little did I know how close the one guy was to my back wheel. One of my fellow riders was enraged at his behavior and let the support guy have it. Really have it. He starts getting attitudinal and then I’m back at him. These guys have to obey the speed limit and they are not driving safely out here and someone is going to get hurt. Tell your participants to back off. After some jawing, he backed down a little. I know he didn’t get it. His retreat had more to do with my negotiating skills than his understanding of the situation. So I stopped and talked to the ladies handing out snacks to the participants and explained that even though they were Mini Coopers, they still weighed a lot more than a bicycle and really, I didn’t want to die that day. Then I took off. As I left some Minis came in and I heard them telling them to back it off that it was a public road and there were a lot of cyclists out there. I don’t know if they did that because we were there or because they got it. Once you’re on Bear Creek there’s an ample bicycle lane and no need to be on the road at all. Some jerkoff in an original got it. He buzzed me way in the bicycle lane coming up the hill. I can only hope that a semi does that same for that idiot out on a lonely road one quiet night and he figures out what an asshole he is. What am I talking about? Guys like that never get it.

I’m a lot less pissed than I was on Sunday, but not so evolved that I can’t name NorCal Minis the Worst People in the World. You people need to buy a clue before someone gets hurt. Dumbasses.

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  • dolphyngyrl

    So this one time, we drove out to Dillon’s Beach, and then we picked our way back out to Bodega on those backroad highways. Lots of hills, lots of twists. And, that day, there must have been some big ride going on, because we kept passing clusters of bicyclists, including one line of, probably, 20 or more.

    Now, we were driving the truck. And the thing about a 3/4 ton truck on a downhill is there’s no such thing as 25mph (unless you’re riding the brake). The other thing about a 3/4 ton truck on a downhill is stopping that thing is a bitch and it’s not happening in a timely manner.

    Somehow, though, we managed to make the whole drive without hitting anyone, buzzing anyone or driving too closely to anyone.

    Funny, it’s pretty easy when you’re not driving like an asshat.

    Also, I’ve sat in a Mini. The speedometer is huge. Like the size of my face huge. I was joking about being pulled over for speeding: “Do you know how fast you were going?” “Right there, officer. That’s how fast I was going” pointing.


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