Would you still remember me

Today is the Vineman. While I know a lot of people competing today, I won’t be. Another guy won’t be. I knew him peripherally, not personally. I’ll never know him now. He was out on Camino Tassajara on a Friday evening ride, training for the Vineman. He was at a particularly dangerous curve, where drivers regularly speed in spite of botdots. The driver hit him, carried him on her hood, then swerved into oncoming traffic and smashed head on into another car with him on the hood. It was as bad as it sounds. Actually, worse, his wife worked at John Muir. You know what that means. It reverberated through the cycling community and the financial services community. I had no choice but to know about it. His obit will help explain the sort of man he was. Today must be a very tough day for those who loved him. I’ll be keeping his family in my thoughts today.

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