Gidday mate!

Wednesday night we went to the Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant for a tasting of boutique New Zealand wines with Master Sommelier Robert Bath.  Nice man.  I always meet the nicest people there.  One of the wines has slipped my mind, but ones that worked were Hatton Estates EC2 Chardonnay.  It was a lively Chardonnay with a lot of citrus in it.  Well balanced and I could definitely imagine some nice Asian Fusion fish dish with it.  He also poured a 2007 Millton wine that I can’t remember what it was.  (it was red, I feel stupid when I do stuff like this)  I think it was their Malbec.  That was the 2nd best wine.  We also had the Martinus Martinborough Pinot Noir.  They have been growing Pinot Noir for ten years and it shows.  This wine had a lot more depth and character to it, a deep ruby color and was just a velvety joy to drink.  Something that would work nicely with a lamb dish.  He also poured a nice 2005 Greenhough Pinot Noir.  Also a nice wine.  A little high on the acid but I felt food would calm it down nicely.  All and all, another good wine day. 

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