Your point of view is so medievil

Some poor kid came to my door last week asking me to support Mark DeSaulnier’s run for Congress. She will probably never knock on this door again. I opened the door and she started her schpeel. Bubba and Rita were in the kitchen behind a baby gate.

No, I will not support Mark DeSaulnier for his run for Congress, I’m supporting John Garamendi.

You know John Garamendi doesn’t even live in the district.

I don’t care if John Garamendi drove an Airstream through the District once in his life, Mark DeSaulnier will never get my vote. I’d write in the Mayor of Sunol first.

The ballsy little thing wanted to know why. See those two dogs standing there? They’re beautiful animals and they’re sweet dogs. Because of guys like Mark DeSaulnier and John Gioia, there is only one insurance company that will insure my house. I have no choice in my hazard insurance. Guys like Mark DeSaulnier allow wing nuts to try and kill my dogs. I wrote him back in 2005 when the Contra Costa Board of Supervisors was drafting their dangerous dog legislation and the little shit stain never acknowledged me. Why would I want to support a guy who wouldn’t give me the time of day when he was a lowly County Supervisor? She wasn’t giving in “I could go back and get an answer for you, you clearly have some important concerns”. I clearly do, and unless he’s willing to come back to Contra Costa County and right a wrong, I don’t have any interest in listening to spin. Because when I ran into John Garamendi at an A’s game and cornered him on title company kickbacks, he listened to me. He understood the issue and we know that the DOI did go after violations and got Fidelity, FATCO and LandAmerica. I’d like to think I was heard, but I’ll be fine thinking that he took five minutes out of his day to listen to a Title Officer. DeSaulnier did neither.

I know his policy wonks will have crawlers set to review what’s being written about him, so I know his campaign will see this. So political policy wonks, understand this: Your candidate is enabling the government to ultimately kill my dogs. Maybe not today, but as the legislation chinks away at our right to own a dog (own, not guardian, but own), you’re chipping away at my right to have canine companions. You’re legislating against these guys.


And you know what? Screw you.

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