The Lost Boys

This is one of my favorite movies.  Kiefer Sutherland was awesome as the bad boy vampire.  There used to be a restaurant in town, designed by Pat Kuleto called RAF.  The decor looked like the vampire lair from that movie.  Whenever I here Pat Kuleto’s name, I think of that restaurant and The Lost Boys.  And I loved the last line.  After all is said and done, Grandpa declares:

One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could
stomach. All the damn vampires. 

That’s the one problem with The Farm.  All the damn spiders.  Gazillions of them.  Last weekend I cleaned them out of all the corners vacuumed up all of the webs, including the rat bastard that set up shop on the handlebars of my bicycle.  Then Sunday night I had a bout of insomnia and was wide awake from about 2am to 3am.  That night I decided that I would stay up later than my normal 9:30-10pm and try to sleep through the night.  Reasonable enough plan.  So around 11:15, I head off to bed, except Beauregard sees something at the edge of the bed and tries to catch it.  I don’t know exactly what it is, but it moved and he couldn’t get it.  So I look under the bed and sure enough there’s a critter there.  A big one at that.  So I go and get a flashlight and it’s clearly a wolf spider.  So I grab a shoe and hit it.  Nothing.  Hit it again.  Nothing.  I’d hit it with the shoe a third time but I’m afraid it’s going to take my shoe away from me and smack me back.  So I move to the big guns.  I get the vacuum cleaner.  By the time I get it, this little SOB has scooted into a corner way behind the headboard, but I prevail.  It’s now 11:30 at night.  Did I mention that spiders terrify me?  Then last night I get up to let Beauregard out for his evening constitutional and there goes another one across the living room floor towards the piano.  So I grab a shoe, because I want to see if this one will take it away from me and smack me with it.  He makes the mistake of getting too close to the piano and POW!  He’s off to the great beyond.  Just then ANOTHER one runs along the edge of the piano.  POW!  He meets his maker as well.  I really like The Farm, I just hope I can stomach all the damn spiders. 

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  1. I hate spider guts… I also get a little freaked out because I always think the spider’s buddies are going to come get me to teach me a lesson.

    Preferred methods of disposal: flicking and drains. It’s just so much easier when they’re in the shower and you can just wash them down the drain.

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