Judy Davis of JD Mortgage- Today’s Worst Person in the World!

Judy Davis of JD Mortgage was my parent’s landlady. She is the scumsucking bottom feeder that evicted a 79 year old woman and her disabled 83 year old husband. She is the lying sack of shit that told my parents she was going to remodel their unit so that it would be nice for them last year. She completely inconvenienced them all summer and fall. They moved all of their crap around so she could remodel the place. They stumbled around as a remodeling that they weren’t interested in was done. All the while Judy Davis of JD Mortgage upgraded her unit and continued to collect rent from them. Then she threw them out of their home of 9 years with a 60 day notice. Unfortunately, my parents didn’t realize it was a 60 day eviction notice and sat on in for 10 days. Judy Davis supposedly sold the place in 9 days in this real estate market. In reality, she used this place to create some income because the mortgage business had gone to hell in a handbasket. I suspect she put a straw buyer in place. I’ll be fascinated if the buyer ever moves in. Now, she has screwed them one more time for their deposit. Judy Davis, trash like you gives real estate a bad name. When you throw elderly people out of their homes, you make concessions. If you got every key except for one on Sunday, you don’t jack them for rent for another two days. You don’t charge them $450 to haul off three appliances that you stole and then installed in another one of your units. You don’t charge $250 to clean a lousy two bedroom condo. And you don’t lie about the condition of a place when everyone knows the DRE contract says you leave it broom clean. Judy Davis, you stole from my parents. You abused their trust. You are the lowest form of life. You are the Worst Person in the World.

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