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Irrefutable, indisputable fact is, it happens

I was hoping to get a weekly feature going, like Title Tuesday, but there just isn’t enough good stuff to make it work.  Never got an answer if that ABA was bouncing lots of or just a couple of commission and disbursement checks.  Bad form either way.  Got this link over at Title Talk.  That’s going to leave a mark.  Oops!  It already did.  Here’s a guy I’d like to see get a suite with Madoff.  Him and the Sandlers.  I’d like to see them making license plates for about 150 years.  I’ve got a good title story brewing, but I’m superstitious so I can’t tell it until the deal is in the can.  You know, if there really was a Pink Bunny, I think this is where he’d live.  Found that little gem on Lovely Listing, a place where I hope I will never see one of my listings.  Unless I took a listing from the reincarnation of Liberace.

A couple of dog stories, none good.  A woman was jogging and was hit by a truck and killed in Clovis, her dog survived.  They could use some help with the medical bills.  Betty Cochran is part of Dogworks, which is where I got Toby and where The Brother got Loki.  Ms. Wong was a wife, mother, grandmother and matriarch of her family.  That’s just awful for their family.

This asshat needs to be fired.  I’ve been beating his ass all over the internet for the last couple of days and I will not let up until I hear he’s been terminated.  Like this jackhole is going to run into a burning building and do anything that doesn’t directly benefit him.  Write the Fire Department’s Administrative email and let the know that a guy like this brings dishonor to the uniform.  Email addie below:

China is still culling dogs.  The  Shaanxi province has culled 36,000 dogs because 12 people have been bitten by rabies infected dogs.  American breeders continue to sell dogs to China.  No.

Finally, this picture just came up when I opened iPhoto last night.  It’s one of my favorites.  He loved his Uncle.


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