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Lucky to be coming home again

The luckiest man in America this morning.


He’s still not a Democrat, but I didn’t see a moment of coverage yesterday on a guy who should have been bent over a barrel by the media. The second luckiest guy in America is Ryan O’Neal and that I can get behind. On probably the worst or one of the worst days of his life, he got handed a get out of jail free card. The white hot glare of the media got distracted by the death of the King of Pop and good Lord willing, he’ll be able to grieve the loss of the love of his life in peace. I would hope that Olberman went home and took a long hot shower after all of that last night. Dude, you’re better than that. Did Jackson do anything after “Thriller”, really? I mean besides molesting young boys. Alright, I’ll give him “Bad” but that’s it. Sorry, dude paid $20 MILLION to one family. God only knows how many other families took hush money. They may not have been able to convict him, but like OJ, it doesn’t mean he didn’t do it. The fight for the elections in Iran and the investigation of a corrupt politician who happens to be the Governor of South Carolina matters. Because you know he flew there on the taxpayer’s dime. I actually don’t care that he stepped out on his marriage. That wasn’t my business when Bill Clinton did it, and it’s not my business now. Unless I were to point out that a marriage is between a man, a woman and his Argentinean concubine, but not between two men or two women. And I would only point that out if he were some Bible thumping zealot that sought to force the rest of the country to comply to his rigid religious beliefs….nevermind.

In other news

The Coconut Telegraph is lumbering into action. Let’s play a little game. What agency, which happens to be an ABA of the Bloodless Empire and a certain large real estate firm with blue and white signs has been bouncing commission and disbursement checks? Y’all aren’t taking investment advice from NASCAR Teddy are you?

We’ve got some silly routines around here. One of them is when I take a shower. No matter where Bubba is when I turn on the shower, he comes in and sleeps on whatever clothes I took off. It’s one of the cuter things he does.


I’m off to San Diego to lift today. I took the BMW in to get the hood supposedly buffed out yesterday. I had taken a piece of crap in the nose out on Highway 37 and it scraped up the paint on the hood. Doncha just love those flat beds loaded with crap that just flies in the wind? Safeco wanted to know if I got the plates. Dude, I was trying not to die, it was like a big mat or a piece of a roof. It was black, it came off the truck and up at my car. I braked and prayed. Anyway it was supposed to take a day. On the way to the shop yesterday the dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree. I figured I was going to have to rent a car to go to San Diego. As it turned out, they couldn’t buff out the hood and the insurance company will be paying to get it repainted. And they’re paying for the car rental, so I’ll be dealing with the light display when I get the car back on Monday night. So I’m off to finish up a bit of work and hit the road. I’ll sooo be driving around LA today.

And by popular demand, the list of Foley Wine Groups wines. All of which we boycott.

  1. Merus
  2. Foley Estate
  3. Las Hermanas
  4. Sebastiani
  5. Three Rivers
  6. Firestone
  7. Kuleto

And we boycott because he’s buying up wineries just like he did to title companies. He’s going to build an empire there just like he did in the title insurance business and he’s going to ruin the wine industry just like he ruined the title industry. He will over work his employees, fire them on a moments notice if the numbers aren’t there and provide a slip-shod product to his customers. If we don’t buy his wine, he doesn’t get any more of a foothold in the industry. This man is morally reprehensible and as winos, we cannot support him. And winemakers, please, stop selling wineries to him…dammit.

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  • OldTitleGuy

    So there I was, on the side of the southbound freeway waving a big sign that says “Welcome to SoCal PinkBunnyEars”.

    The CHP has no sense of humor.

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