Bush is a Moron,  Rant

Couple modern day Moses, searchin’ for the promised land

Some days just aren’t even fair. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. When someone tosses up one of those big fat hanging curve balls that looks like a big ol’ meat pie, do you let it go by or do you drive it out of the park? McCovey Cove here we come.

[youtube gg5XVJUeBdI]

Appalachian, Argentina, tomato tomatoe. Honest mistake. They both start with an “A”. Come on now, the guy is from South Carolina, easy to mess those up. Backpacking, Buenos Aires, both start with a “B” and they’re big words for a backwoods boy to remember. Here’s another big word. Concubine. Did you tell her you were the Fine Governor from the Great State of South Carolina? Did she let you leave your boots on?

Ahh, but you know the Wine Dog never forgets a face. But, Fox News, that’s another story.


I knew that boy was a Democrat. A Republican would never fly to some foreign country to cheat on his wife and leave his four boys home alone on Father’s Day. I should stop. This is really too easy. Good thing he’s got his wife to stand by him and give him a second chance. Too bad he didn’t feel that way when Bill Clinton got caught with HIS pants down. God I love the double standard. OK, I’ve got to give this guy a little break. Maybe he is who I want the GOP to run for President. What! That’s right. My theory is that guys who keep it in their pants, get us into wars, Reagan, Bush I, Bush II. Guys who dally, keep America safe. So maybe Sanford is the guy for the job.

I’m kidding. This guy needs to resign. Not because he dallied, but because he lied about it. That’s the logic and standard he applied to Clinton, so that is the standard and logic that should be applied to him. Maybe that shit flies in that backward inbred State that elected your dumb ass, but don’t expect the rest of us to buy what you’re selling. It’s the Martha Stewart Conundrum. You didn’t do anything wrong, per se, unless you’re billing yourself as a born again Christian leader for America…oh never mind… but you got caught lying. Have a nice life. Buh bye.


  • titleslug

    The hypocrisy is too much. Sanford was leading the chorus when Bob Livingston (R LA) was exposed in Hustler as a cheat and womanizer. Rep Livingston was one of the moralizing right who pushed to impeach Pres. Clinton. Sanford was standing are-in-arm with Livingston calling for Clinton to step down. http://www.nytimes.com/1998/12/16/us/impeachment-the-defenders-women-lobby-livingston-on-clinton-s-behalf-to-no-avail.html
    The cheating, sex thing are between he and his family. If they’re ok with him being in Argentina with his concubine on Father’s day, it’s all good.
    He was AWOL from his job! He wasn’t on vacation. He left. He gave no notice. He gave no contact data. He should be impeached for dereliction.
    We can’t get into a moral argument with this clown. Twisting morality without conscience into politics is his strength. I’m tired of Republicans running for office and then neglecting their jobs! We had a president like that for 8 years. No wonder many GOP officials thought this crud was presidential material.

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