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Let’s talk about no one some one any one

Oh Lordy, isn’t this the oldest real estate scam in the world?  Let’s see, Eugene Borelli?  Hell, he even had the balls to name his company Pyramid Real Estate didn’t he?  Who remembers that?  I guess we were supposed to think that Pyramid referred to the Transamerica building, not the scheme.  Or the preliminary reports with 32 deeds of trust?  Zev ben Simon essentially did the same thing.  He should have never left this country.  I think he’s still sitting in an Israeli prison.  He’d have been done with his light time in Lompoc by now if he’d stayed here.   I hate to see the Cuesta name dragged through all this, even though the original owners cashed out years ago.  Although the use of the term “mini-Madoff” is cute, at least to those who didn’t lose any money.

This story is trying to get traction, but the way I see it, the developer will just build some low income housing some place else to satisfy the requirement and leave it at that.  Wondering what OTG thinks.

You really have to eat the magic mushrooms and follow Alice through the looking glass to understand the logic applied here.   I wonder how many former Landamerica employees would like the opportunity to be working themselves out of a job right now, instead of collecting unemployment and paying $1300 a  month in COBRA to keep their family insured?  Yeah, like that.

Why Cathleen Galgiani is right.  One of my colleagues has a deal with Chicago Title’s REO division in SoCal.  It closed early last week and they STILL haven’t sent the commission check.  Now, if they were down the street in Walnut Creek, and he could go in there and ask an Escrow Officer in person “Where the Hell is my commission check?”, do you think he might have been paid by now?  Embarrassing Chicago.  Get your shit together.  May the Galgiani “Buyers Choice Act” prevail and may these REO divisions that don’t serve anything other than their corporate masters collapse under the weight of their own incompetence.

Let’s file this away under Just Because you Can, Doesn’t Mean you Should.  Now a bunch of executives who were paid millions and millions of dollars are going to claim that a bank caused LandAmerica’s undoing with bad investment advice?  Are you freaking kidding me?  You’re a CEO making obscene amounts of money, if you can’t invest the corporate funds diligently, then you are to blame.  Straight up.  You.  NASCAR Teddy.  You took the CEO’s salary, it’s your fault.  Period.

Let’s file this under What Evil Lies in the Hearts of Parker Kennedy Men.  The criminal in me wants to figure out where the vig is on this.  I know it’s all about angles.  Are they trying to take on The Google?

Speaking of The Google, I refuse to use Bing because it’s a Microsoft product.  For the same reason I refuse to drink any wine of the Foley Wine Group.  I’m hearing the Bill is relocating to Napa.  I’ll be sure to let him know I think he’s number one every time I drive past his place.

Speaking of wine, last night I caved to the little voices in my head and cracked a 1997 Freemark Abbey Bosché.  Time does Freemark Abbey’s wines good.  That 97 was great when it was bottled.  I’ve had it laying down for about 6 years.  The original tasting notes call it big and burly, but that’s never been my experience with Freemark Abbey’s wines.  I should know, I’ve been drinking them since 1980.  I wanted an elegant cab last night and I got that and a lot more.  It was full of ripe black cherries, cassis, even a little Dr. Pepper, with nice balance and a long gentle finish.  I had it with a filet that I just threw on the grill.  Perfect combo.  Currently it’s retailing for around $79-95 bucks.

Let’s finish on a high note.  This arrived in my mailbox a few days ago.  It’s the War Dog memorial.  I presume it’s the one in Guam from the lei.



  • OldTitleGuy

    Hmmm. Some developer scrapes a 12 unit building that was deed restricted to low income..
    And First American is defending? Makes you sorta wonder if some ‘examiner’ in Bangalore blew past what should have been a schedule B exception. I can’t really see why they would defend if the covenant were properly excepted..

  • Wine Dog

    Well, yeah, notwithstanding that there’s no reason for FATCO to defend…unless they missed it. Doh!

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