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All your weight it falls on me

Yesterday’s ride was the last ride with a lot of climbing before the LiveStrong, which has a bit of climbing. Not bad climbing, just climbing. Well, actually there is some bad climbing. Click on the elevation.

Yeah, that one part is a little ugly. I may go down to San Jose a week from Thursday and just ride that part on my hill day so that I mentally know I can do it. After all, I know I can get up Mt. Diablo without stopping. So some bullshit little hill in San Jose shouldn’t be that bad. Or is that Mount Hamilton? I don’t know my way around down there. Anyway, I left late yesterday. I was going to take off early, but truth be told, I really enjoy sitting around bullshitting with The Professor, so I waited until they left for their flight. We really didn’t see that much of each other as kids. I spent the most amount of time with him after he was working in New York for CBS news. And he bothers to keep in contact and that’s huge. And he validated my argument that everything that’s wrong with this country right now is Reagan’s fault. Coming from a guy who is as smart as he is, that’s a nice little seal of approval on my idiot ramblings. Anywho, it was a really late start and it got really hot out there and my feet cramped again. Bad. I had some Shotblox with me this time, hoping they would help, a little, but not so much. By mile 42 I’d had enough of my feet. The ride was 54 miles, 2700 feet of climbing, four hours and some change, I’ll have to go look. But I did drag my but over Mt. Diablo and that ought to count for something.

Saturday I went to a climbing and descending clinic put on by the LunaChix. They brought in some professional women cyclists to discuss the nuances of not crashing while going really fast on the downhill. And how to get up those big bitch of a hills. Keep in mind that Christopher Krautz one of the founding fathers of bike fitting, fit my bike for me about six weeks ago. One of the coaches said my seat was too low, the other said it was too high. Since Christopher measures your flexibility and works that into the fitting, I suspect he’s very close to just right. He even says sometimes a second tweeking is necessary, but really I’ve been riding a lot better after seeing him. Anyway, we were out on Tunnel Road where it hits Skyline in Oakland or Berkeley depending on who you ask, doing hill repeats on Saturday. In any clinic if I can walk away with one good piece of information that I can use, it’s a good use of time, this one I walked away with several. It certainly made me think more on the downhill from Mt. Diablo yesterday. It took a lot longer for the other guys at the Junction to catch me. There was a woman up there with a brand spanking new Specialized. The only labels on it were S-Works. It was a prototype that Specialized had given to her to critique. She was very small and the bike looked kind of child’s sized, but it was super sleek. All the guys were lifting it up by the seat to check the weight and I was looking at the seat thinking “That looks like the kind of seat I need”. It was painted all charcoal. The forks were wider than the head and it was the women’s version and the cross bar was sleek and flat on top. Very cool toy.

The other thing on my agenda yesterday was to give some blood. Shouldn’t be that hard. Or was it? I’ve had troubles all my life with my iron level. Yesterday was a near miss. I kept my precious pint of O-. I missed the mark by .6. The gal says to me “Do you eat spinach?” By the bucketful, honey. “Maybe you shouldn’t exercise on the day you give?” I work out damn near every day of my life and I’ve given over five gallons, that ain’t it. And I cook in cast iron and I’m no longer a vegetarian. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not so good. It could be something entirely different in three days. I’ll try again later.

I’m getting ready to lift in competition again too. Because riding a century and the LiveStrong wasn’t enough stress to put my 50 year old body through. I’ve moved up in age class so there’s a whole new set of records to attack. The deadlift is 220, I should destroy that. I can’t find the bench number, there may not be one. I’m going to squat too, I haven’t done that in competition in years. I never win the powerlifting portion of the meet because my squats are so weak. Osteoarthritis in my knees is the culprit. I can’t get enough consistent training in to get a decent squat in. So a do a cursory squat and bring it on the bench and deadlift. Anyway, that’s what’s up next on the agenda, then the LiveStrong. Then a long nap.

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