Beauregard the Doberman,  Dogs

All dressed in satin and waiting by the door

Why I hate PETA.

Why I want to drive to Washington and beat some one with a motorcycle handlebar.

If we were giving out Best Person in the World, Dr. Kathy Sheeran would be our person this week, next week and probably for the year. She’s taken on this gentle creature, healed her and ate the costs. Dr. Sheeran, you done good and PBE salutes you!

In other news

My dogs have have been coming along pretty good with their new regiment. Bubba is still massaging his side, but a lot less and without crying. Even the gaseous emissions have receded. The paint may stay on the walls after all. Rita has gained some weight and really looks, well a little scary. She’s got those crazy eyes and now she’s backing it up with some solid lean muscle. Bubba’s coat is coming back. It’s very dark in a few places, and almost like a Wiemaraner in others. He’s like a guy on Rogaine right now. And his coat is coming in very soft and shiny. Back when he blew his coat it came back coarse and brittle.

For those of you who follow this drivel on any sort of regular basis, you know what a loss Beauregard was. On Saturday my dog coughed on Wednesday he was dead. It’s been a year now, he died on June 18, 2008. The Doberman ladies who talked me into fostering that blue train wreck of a dog last August, probably did more to heal my broken heart than I’ll ever be able to let them know. Bubba has taken over Beau’s old role of hanging out with me while Rita runs patrols. He flops his big fat head up on my lap and is always very close to me. He’s going to be the dog that gets a leg or two on his Obedience trials. But I miss my big regal boy. And there just won’t be any new pictures of that dog. And I really miss him.


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