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First off, a WTF moment. Yesterday Obama essentially told the gay community that they were on their own, at least by action. His words said something else, but his actions said, “good luck kids”. But Rush Limbaugh and the GOP are calling themselves the “Oppressed minority”. Really? Google it. It’s their new mantra. But seriously you OxytContin addled hot mess, you couldn’t get health care for your family? You don’t have the right for them to be present in the hospital room if you’re gravely ill? Your step children can be taken away at a moments notice? Really? Someone held a gun to your head and told you that you couldn’t vote? Somebody shot you for your beliefs? You couldn’t get a job because of the color of your skin? Or in Rush world, you got a job because of the color of your skin. STFU. If I could oppress you I would, just for being stupid, arrogant asses. You had eight years of power and you made an unholy mess. Now you’re blaming Obama for TARP money that was handed out under the Bush Administration when Obama was still campaigning for the Presidency? Do you guys really think we’re all that stupid? OK, Michelle Bachman is that stupid, but really? Speaking of tragically stupid, I wish I could find the tape of Senator Tom Coburn saying “But what if I want to drive a gas guzzler?”. Hey jackass, it’s your job as a leader, as a Senator of these United States to say to any one who would make such an infantile argument that they are behaving in a selfish, childish manner and to grow up. We are all members of the same society and we are not entitled to waste this earth’s resources, nor are we entitled to endanger others with our emissions or our behavior. Grow the hell up you freaking baby.

Traffic school 2.0

I just finished yet another round of traffic school. It’s always boneheaded stuff. This one was going 80 on Highway 4. Those of you who live out there wonder how the hell I managed to do that. In the middle of the day the traffic is light and moves really quickly. I was on the phone and didn’t notice everyone around me hitting the brakes. Coupled with not realizing that I was going 70 in a 55 on Vasco Road last year made traffic school my out. Now, I don’t drive worse that everyone else. I just get caught. I actually drive a lot better than most. Two days ago I was going up Ygnacio and I saw a cop car come up on a car and totally ride the guy’s bumper. I figured he was going to light the guy up, but no, he was just tailgating. How do I know? Because East Bay Regional Park District cops don’t do traffic stops on Ygnacio. The wannabe cop pulled into the right lane and passed the guy and then got on someone else’s bumper and did the exact same thing. Cops can’t do that if they aren’t making a stop. East Bay Regional Park District K-9 car numbered 202, what they hell were you thinking?

What I did learn from my online traffic school, which took a lot longer than I had hoped it would, was that most of the stuff I’ve been complaining about is all illegal. All of it can be ticketed. Not giving a cyclist a lane, illegal. Blaring a horn behind a cyclist? Illegal. Dusting a cyclist? Illegal. Throwing crap out the window at us? Illegal. Then I got to thinking about it, and the fact that I do have a forum. And I have successfully mounted a couple of good fights here. I don’t have the exact name for the new category, but basically it’s going to be for folks who are ruefully inconsiderate. It will be for those asshats of the road. Send in your camera phone pics, go ahead and get their plates. The guy in front of you threw a cigarette out the window in Malibu canyon? Send it in. A pick up truck didn’t let an old lady cross the street? Get the photojournalism. I’ll take grossly inconsiderate park jobs too. Get the plates. I’m going to throw them up there and shine God’s flashlight down on these folks. If I have to pay 53 moving violations and go to traffic school 18 times, they can take a little humiliation at the Wine Dog’s hand.

On a happier note

Yesterday I was driving through Crystyl Ranch after checking on one of our properties. Yep, there’s one of our signs in Crystyl Ranch darling. Worse yet, it’s the smallest unit up there by over 1000 square feet. Anyway, I turned the corner and there was a woman working in her front yard, and two Dobermans out in the yard with her children. A big beautiful red and a black and tan puppy. I stopped to chat, because I know most of the local Doberman people. I knew her name, but had never met. The puppy is 6 month old Enzo and he’s spectacular. He’s out of a Marj Brooks breeding and he was the pick. I’m glad I stopped because I got to meet a really nice lady and two beautiful dogs. And yeah, I really don’t know any strangers.

I also did the Ygnacio Loop yesterday. I haven’t done that ride in a while and quite honestly, I miss it. It’s downhill in the beginning, a flat stretch and the climb up Ygnacio to get back home. I was supposed to be doing speed work so I kept the cadence really high. It dropped to around 65-70 coming up Ygnacio but the average for the entire ride was 80. That’s some cadence. The wind was horrible and I had to really brake coming down the hill, it was blowing the front wheel out from under me. I fought the wind all the way out and a little on the way back. Still, I made the run in 1:05, got up Ygnacio in 9:31 and made it a great little ride.

This is the final preparations for the LiveStrong 09 in San Jose. The ride is July 12th. This weekend I have a 65 mile ride with 4000 feet of climbing. Next weekend I’m powerlifting so the ride will be 40 or 50 miles and then one more 40-50 miles on the Fourth of July and it’s time to ride with Team Fatty fighting for Susan. If you haven’t clicked through or maybe have a few extra ducats that could become a charitable donation, give me a click. And thanks for your support.

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