Kibbles and bits

One of my co-workers had an article in her office today listing all the things you shouldn’t give your pet.  Like cheese, isn’t this a staple of dog training?  Liver?  Isn’t freeze dried liver the preferred bait for show dogs?  I know we used it for the obedience ring.  Alcohol, ok that makes sense.  Grapes, doesn’t make that much sense considering that the old Italians used to know that it was time to pick the grapes when the dogs started stealing them off the vines.  Beauregard stole every Concord grape I ever grew.  On numerous occasions I’d catch him sprinting through the yard with the remains of a bunch of grapes hanging out of his mouth.  Didn’t hurt him a bit.  And is wine under the alcohol or grape category?  Tuna.  He has licked every tuna can I’ve opened since I got him.  He picks the cans up and takes them into the yard to assure himself of every last delicious morsel.  Hasn’t hurt him in the least.  Eggs.  Since dogs don’t have high cholesterol, he gets all my yolks.  Xica got all my yolks before him.  She lived to 15 years and change with a gorgeous coat.  He’s chugging along nicely, I don’t think they hurt.

Wine of the day.  Gordon Brothers Merlot.  I paid $17 for it.  Retail is around $21, God bless the Wine Thieves.  A very nice drinkable wine.  Some vanilla, some nice fruitiness, without sweetness.  My kind of wine.

Since my last missive, I’ve done a little research, not much, but a little on Parkinson’s Disease.  I hadn’t looked at it in a few years.  Apparently they believe that genetics are involved, but more importantly genetics combined with a rural lifestyle seems to be the ticket.  My father had several siblings who also had Parkinson’s.  I figured we were doomed.  Come to find out that even with a first degree relative the chances of it passing on are only 5%.  If I had 95 siblings, I’d be feeling pretty comfortable right now.  When Dad first was diagnosed I had a conversation with my brother about the fact that so many of them had it.  I mused that there was going to be a correlation between bacon grease and Parkinson’s.  My brother demurred suggesting that the real cause was the fact that they spent so much time hitting each other in the head with shovels as kids.

It’s getting to be that time of year.  Four people were out sick yesterday, three today.  When I got hired on to this job it was over a week before I met everyone because they were all so sick.  I didn’t get the bug at all.  I’m taking my vitamins and some Airborne and hoping for the best.  The amount of stress that I’ve been under is really off the hook and while it doesn’t bother me that much, my body has a different take on all the turmoil.  My vitamin regiment consists of:

1 TB Liquid Health 40+

750 mg Glucosamine/Chondroitin

1200 mg Vitamin E

800 mg Advil 3X daily (ok, it’s my Vitamin A…the knee Doc has me taking that so I can walk)

Creatine and HMB on lifting days

What I’ve been eating:


1/2 whole wheat english muffin, 2 slices lean Canadian bacon and a slice of low fat cheddar

Mid morning

1 oz beef or turkey jerky

1 nonfat yogurt


Tuna on ww sourdough


Apple and string cheese


Chicken breast and either a roasted potato or brown rice or ww pasta and asparagus, grilled


Riccota and blueberries or strawberries

Today’s weight 208, such a surprise.  The surprise is I found the Moron so I know the body fat measurement is 36.4.  Unfortunately one of those fast moving thick black spiders came running up the side of the box so that’s the last thing that got unpacked yesterday. 

There’s been no photojournalism because I can’t find the charger and the camera ran out of juice around five days ago.  Every night I look diligently for it, knowing it will turn up three days after I go out and buy a new one.

So in the interest of entertainment, here’s an old picture of Beau, just because.


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  1. Try throwing some zinc up into that vitamin mix. It helps boost the immune system.

    Also, did you know Thomas’ makes a light, multi grain english muffin with 8 grams of fiber?

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