Bon Mots and Cheap Shots,  Dogs

Oh, drink a bit of wine, we both might go tomorrow

Yesterday I had one of the most amazing vet appointments I’ve ever been on.  Actually yesterday was quite a little day.  More on that later.  I went to see a vet who does all modalities.  That is, she’s a licensed veterinarian and does Western medicine when appropriate.  Then she does holistic medicine, when appropriate.  And acupuncture when appropriate.  If I ever had any questions about the value of acupuncture, Xica cured me of that back in 1992.  Her ACL was blown but no one could diagnose it because she was so stoic and wouldn’t show them the injury.  So after six months of everything in the world trying to figure out what was wrong with the dog’s hind leg we went to an acupuncturist.  Xica also had female spay incontinence.  We spent a lot of time talking about the leg and he flat out told me he wasn’t sure if he could cure it.  Then for some reason I mentioned the incontinence issue.  He says with absolute confidence “I can fix that”.  He didn’t fix the knee, she needed surgery but that dog didn’t leak again for 8 years.  Seriously, 8 years.  You can’t fake that.  Years later I took Toby to see an acupuncturist for her incontinence and he weak hind quarters.  I remember that dog laying on the floor at the vet looking up at me as if to say “Mom, this is the best day ever”.  So finding a practitioner in my neck of the woods was a godsend.  As it turns out, she was so much more than that.

The Doc walked in yesterday with a Black Stallion Winery shirt on and I thought, hmm, we’re on to something.  She spoke with quite an accent and it took me a minute to figure out it was not South Africa, she was an Aussie.  (Put two checks in the plus column)  Then she proceeded to do the most comprehensive interview that I’ve ever done about any dog.  She started with Bubba.  His coat is better but it’s still funky since he blew it back in the fall.  She also noted the pigment loss around his mouth, top of his head and boy parts.  She thought that might have something to do with the loss of testosterone when he was neutered.  And his belly.  She thought he wasn’t assimilating his food properly and that’s why his coat was so funky.  If she could get his tummy in order the coat would follow.  She told me that she thought he should be on a raw diet, but just go buy it prepared at one of the local pet food stores.  It wasn’t worth the time to prep it myself, she could see I was a busy person.  Give that gal another plus.  She put some needles in Bubba and then left the room to make some notes about him.  We’d already been there over an hour.  Bubba stood there with his needles in him with his head hung like he was going to flop down and go to sleep at any minute.  He really was at peace.  Then she came back for Rita, who she referred to as “The Cheeky Monkey”.

Rita never stopped moving the whole time we were there.  This is not unusual.  Basically Rita moves if the sun is up.  The sun goes down and she goes and lays down.  Even if she were lay down in the yard, she’s really just watching the trees for squirrels and other critters.  She doesn’t have an off switch.  The Doc looked at her test results from the urinalysis.  She couldn’t understand why the other vet scripted Clavamox.  I had refused the prescription so Rita hadn’t taken any antibiotics.  He couldn’t tell me where the infection was or why he thought she should have them.  As a precaution didn’t fly with me.  The Doc agreed that there was nothing in the test to indicate a need for antibiotics.  As a matter of fact her suggestion was to monitor and do another urinalysis in about 6 weeks.  If she had trouble to X-ray to be sure there were no stones, but if she was getting better just roll with it.  She did some things to strengthen the chi in the area, suggested moving her to a raw diet but no lamb for Rita.  Lamb would make her nuttier than she already was.  Red meat or venison for Rita.  She put some needles in Rita, including one to try and calm her down.  She knocked that one out.  While I stroked Rita’s head trying to keep her still for her needles, Bubba stood next to us.  As I watched him, he was dozing off, standing up.  He would start to collapse and then the movement would wake him up and he’d catch himself.  I think the needles are going to work on that dog.

Both dogs came home with herbs.  (The H is pronounced in Australia)  Rita doesn’t need to go back unless something strange occurs.  Bubba will need another visit or two.  She was quite expensive on one hand, on the other, I’ve been seeing vets for 10 minutes total and walking out with $200 bills so using that math, she was cheap.  We were sitting in the office with her for three hours yesterday.  She hugged and kissed my dogs and absently stroked them while discussing things with me.  She told me about her dogs and was very interested in my past dogs, Xica, Beauregard and Toby.  She was interested that I had lost two Dobermans to lung cancer.  When I told her about his X-rays, she explained to me that Beau had another kind of cancer.   When cancer does what it did in his lungs, it’s metastasized from another cancer somewhere else in the body.   She said it was already too late by the time he showed that he wasn’t feeling well.   I wasn’t expecting a three hour appointment and it jammed up the rest of my day, but it was totally worth it.

In other news, I have an amazing home I’m working for my broker.  It will probably be on the market in about three weeks.  The neighbor is good friends with the former owner.  They left a lot of stuff  in the house.  Lots.  Thousands of dollars worth.  This home is over 4000 square feet, has an amazing infinity salt water pool, travertine throughout the downstairs, an amazing built in wine cellar and some amazing appliances.  A Thermador commercial cooktop, Sub Zero, you name it.  This home is tricked out.  And they lost it.  It’s a very sad story.  The husband lost his business in the downturn.  30 other people lost their jobs.  Then they lost the house.  Since I knew the neighbor knew them I asked him for their phone numbers so I could get a personal property release and have the house trashed out.  But first, I asked him to be sure there wasn’t anything inside that they wanted.  I don’t want to trash out people’s things.  I want them to have everything that they want to take.  The daughter has been over once.  The son came by.  Yesterday I called the wife to get the personal property release.  “I’m sorry”, she said, “I can’t deal with this”.  She started to cry.  And apologize.  She told me her husband would sign whatever I needed.  I told her that I wanted her to have whatever she wanted out of the house.  She told me that she couldn’t walk back into the home.  When she walked out of that house it was in perfect condition.  She didn’t participate in the move.  This wasn’t where she was supposed to be right now in life.  It was embarrassing.  I just told her “Hey, you hit a rough patch, it happens to everyone now and again.  You’re done with this phase in your life and now you can put this behind you and move forward to rebuilding everything.  And I know you will”.  She said “Bob (the neighbor) told us you were good people, and I really appreciate you being so understanding”.  Lady, but for the grace of God go I.

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