I fired off my missive to our agent.  It’s been a tough battle all around.  The seller has been less than cooperative.  They’re taking a $60k plus bath on this place and they kept holding out for someone to give them asking of $264k.  Wasn’t going to happen.  My friend Harry is handling this transaction.  He wants to make me forget about Bob!  That’ll never happen, Bob! found me the Farm, but Harry earned this one.  There would be no deal at all if he hadn’t taken a ton of initiative and looked for and found a place for my parents.  We weren’t originally going to buy, but at least this way, they won’t be evicted again.  It’s his first deal and that would make most people nervous.  Because he’s my good friend, I know he’ll do what I ask him to, so he’ll get his first deal under his belt and my parents will get a house and hopefully my aggravation level will stay at a status quo.  The seller trying to drive the deal sent me to the moon.  After all the growling and gnashing of teeth, come to find out, the seller wants to open the deal with the company I work for, around the corner from my house.  I’m glad Harry sat on the missive, it was the right thing to do.  There’s a lot of kick backs and bullshit that goes on in Southern California, not to mention that their fees are higher and most of them are stupid.  I really didn’t want that for this transaction.  So on one hand, I chewed off one of my arms for nothing, but on the other, I’m glad I was on top of the situation, although I do feel a little like a jackass.

I’ve been back in the gym.  I had to take a lot of weight off of my workouts.  My opening bench was 135, now it’s 115.  My high was 205, now it’s 185, but I’ll get it back to where it’s supposed to be once the frothing that is my life settles down.  The next meet is Vegas November 30.

 It rained last night.  It’s September 19th and this does not make me happy.  I have five gallons of paint that needs to go on this house and dampness is the last thing I need.  The five gallon bucket cracked on the bottom due to the heat 15 days ago and now it’s 53 degrees in the morning.  Usually we have a heat wave in September-October and this ain’t it. 

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  1. Well, this IS northern California and the weather is insane and unreliable.

    And, let me tell you… driving to work in the rain in a truck without functioning windshield wipers is about 8 shades of exciting too many.

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