Assail him, impale him with monster truck force

After a bunch of rides in the 70-86 mile range you’d think this one would be a piece of cake. Not so much. I think mentally I didn’t prepare as much as I did for the long rides and well, 50 miles and 3000 feet of climbing isn’t for the weak. It actually turned out to be 55.89 miles. Don’t know where the other 7 miles came from. I also don’t know who ordered up yesterday’s ass weather but they can merrily go home and leave me alone. Supposedly it was 54 degrees in all places that I went. Not so much. Once I got over Pinehurst on to Skyline in Oakland it was cold, damp and foggy. On Grizzly Peak it was so foggy that I couldn’t see more than 10 yards in front of me. And so damp and cold that the dew was dropping off the trees like rain. Freaking miserable. And the wind. There were parts of 3bears that were so windy that I had to brake on the downhill, not because of speed but because the wind was pushing the front wheel of the bike making it hard to steer at high speeds. So it took a little longer than anticipated. I really hope I’m ready. And I’m really glad that the Sierra Century is next weekend. I’ve had enough of this kind of distance. I’d rather stick to 40-60 mile range. Live and learn.


We had a new listing come on the market. I argued with our broker about the pricing. He said I was too high. The bank priced it about $8k lower than my suggested repair price of $649k. (they took my numbers) I showed this property four times yesterday between 4:15 and 6pm. While I was there a conga line went out the door full of agents and clients. I actually had to walk through the house at 6pm and make sure it was empty there were so many people through. Everybody thought the pricing was low. Wine Dog win. The market has changed, it’s a wild place out there. If the asinine banks and title companies would pull their collective heads out of their own asses we might have a stabilized real estate market and some of our pals could get back to work. Feh.

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