Rock and Roll

The holidays are tough on BFL. I haven’t done a great job, but I haven’t done a terrible job either. Moderation is the answer to getting through this 6 week gamut and I’ve been keeping it on an even keel. I’m off to the gym in a minute. I had a very good cardio workout yesterday. I did an extra 15 minutes after I finished the BFL workout and then put in 100 machine crunches after that. My cycle is due any moment and that’s not helping matters at all. I’m also trying to get to the gym closer to 5am than 6am as starting 1/2 all of the New Years resolutions will be at the gym, not knowing what they’re doing and generally screwing up my life. While I need surgery, which I usually schedule in January to avoid the 6 weeks of New Year’s resolution people, I didn’t lose enough weight this year to do the surgery. My knees are shot. Riddled with arthritis and in desperate need of the buff and shine and some adjustments to stop the damage. But the Doc said that I needed to get some more weight off before she’d operate. Fair enough. I’m down 25 but I want to get another 35 off and then have the surgery. For now, off to the gym. No scheduled parties this week. If I can stay out of the office goodies I’m home free.

1 egg 3 whites
Shredded wheat and nonfat milk

String Cheese

Chicken and grape salad

Roast chicken sandwich

Pork Chop
Roast potato


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