Fat bottomed girls they’ll be riding today

It kind of looks like a child drew on a map.

The roads are that windy. There is 4400 feet of climbing. This is the last long ride before the Sierra Century. The Sierra Century has 6500 feet of climbing. Last weekend I was a little freaking out about that, but I think if I get through today ok, the Sierra will be fine. Then that’s the last long ride of the year. The next event is the Lance Armstrong Foundation LiveStrong event in San Jose on July 11th. Anyone who hasn’t (or who’s found some change in the couch) can sponsor my ride here. I’ve met the LAF minimum requirement, thank you all, but I set my own person bar high because I’m riding as part of Team Fatty. And why shouldn’t I be? Have you seen me? But more importantly, several of my friends, and probably several of yours have found out, fought and battled with cancer, JUST SINCE I SIGNED UP TO RIDE! LiveStrong is actually doing some amazing things. Fatty talks about it a little here and here. They do make a difference in peoples lives and that’s good enough for me to drag my fat butt out for 100 miles in the Sierra foothills. Hopefully it’s good enough for you to give my ride a little support too. Thanks.

In other news, Rita went to the vet on Thursday. I assumed she was going to come back with spay incontinence. It wouldn’t be the first time for that one with me. She’d been waking up pretty consistently in a pool of dog whiz. It clearly upset her because she’d then climb into my bed and wake me up, but she’d be ridiculously submissive and relentless until I got up. I knew she’d already had wet her so in my brain she wouldn’t whiz in my bed so why wouldn’t she just lay down with me and go back to sleep? Actually that was more annoying than washing dog beds every day. Well, I moderately trust this vet, and really check up on his ass pretty much. He was not there and I guess his father was the vet of the day. He wanted to check blood and her urine and put her on antibiotics. No antibiotics until you find an infection. Run the tests. Well, she’s got crystals in her urine. Knock me over with a feather. So now she’s on that crappy Science Diet CD food to get her system back in balance. After a bit of googling I know that I have to keep her on it until she settles down, minimum of 30 days. A friend wrote me and said I had to keep her on it for 30 days. If I can get her off of it then, I should just put some orange juice in her food after that and it will keep the acid in her system up enough to keep the whole thing in check. I’m glad I caught it before something bad happened. Crystals are bad. A cat many years ago had those problems. He almost ended up a she over it all. Bad stuff.

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