This morning, my whiskers are in a twist.

There’s a plethora of items that are sending me to the moon today.  In no particular order:

Another warning about another dog treat, Made in China, this one laced with lead, arsenic and some other deadly chemical.  And surprise, surprise!  It’s being sold at Walmart.  How much longer are we going to allow a communist dictatorship to poison our children and our pets and us?  As I sees it, this is the rub,  we export our jobs to a communist dictatorship, so the population has limited economic means and then we sell back to them goods and services for a cut rate, which is good, because that’s all they can afford because they haven’t gotten a raise in seven years!  And the same dumb asses continue to vote Republican.  Too bad Walmart doesn’t sell clues, maybe you could buy one.

The “mortgage meltdown”.  Exactly what the hell else did you wankers expect?  You created these “products” that allowed people to get into homes that they could not afford and then the “product” reset and the mortgage payment doubled and you can’t figure out why they went into foreclosure?  It’s not rocket science.  Lenders, who I believe are the catfish of the financial world, made predatory loans under loose regulations.  Now it’s a big deal because the lenders are going under.  Why wasn’t it a big deal when Jack and Diane went under? Why aren’t the mortgage brokers who made these predatory loans being investigated?  A lot of companies and a lot of “salesmen” made a lot of money in the last seven years.  Now, they scurry, as the ship sinks.  The blame is twofold.  Jack and Diane should have read the paperwork.  Mortgagebrokers should be held accountable in the instances where they lied.  There was a lot of lying going on.  I saw it first hand.  It was wrong and now the cows have come home.  The good news is there has been a pull back in housing prices, which was necessary.  It just wasn’t necessary for families to lose their homes.  Now, I have no sympathy for those who ran up their credit cards and then refinanced their homes to pay off the consumer debt.  I think if you can’t afford it don’t buy it.  It is my belief that more than half of what we think we need, we really only want because of marketing.  Which gets me to the next subject. 

Marketing.  Their job is to get you to believe that you NEED new widgets.  Now, I like bright and shiny objects as much as the next guy, but there comes a point.  Strangely, I don’t buy that much stuff.  I just don’t get rid of stuff either, which is why it took me two weeks to move.  Three cars might be a little excessive, but they each have a purpose.  The toy is in the garage.  The truck got a monumental work out over the last three months and the car is what I drive when I’m not doing chores.  I have 200k on the truck, 90k on the car and the toy sits in the garage.  I bought the toy in 1980, the truck in 1993 and the car in 2001.  So it’s not that I have to have the latest and the greatest, it’s that I buy good shit and just hang on to it.  I would buy all three all over again, given the chance.  I have over 50 dress shirts.  I have been collecting them for around 8 years.  I buy classic well made shirts and they just don’t wear out.  The more I have, the better rotation, but it’s good shit that just doesn’t wear out.  I do not have the latest Prada or this year’s Ferragamo or Hermes or anything like that.  I just have good quality, classic stuff, a very little consumer debt.  (not counting the remodel).  Every now and then the marketers will get too me.  I almost HAD to have one of these:


Yeah, they’re really cool, but already out of style.  I’m using a Razr that I got for almost nothing.  Much better consumer choice, although I’m really thrilled with the design of this thing even today.  Marketers put shiny things together to make us think we need them.  Why do you need little plug in deodorizers?  Why not just give the dog a bath.  Or smoke outside.  Or clean out the refrigerator?  Do we really need a cleaner for this surface and another one for that surface and another one for the other room?  We’re victims.  I don’t watch commercials any more and for the most part don’t even know about this stuff any more.  And I’m just as happy.  On the other hand, I gouged the hell out of the back of my thumb two days before I moved.  I couldn’t find any band-aids or Neosporin so I just let it be and it became infected.  I was up at the Big Greek Diaper Boy’s place and he had this really cool stuff that he painted on like nail polish.  It was like a band aid and bactine all rolled into one.  The next day the infection was gone.  So there is some cool stuff out there, but how much of it do we really need?  Where do we stop the conspicuous consumption?  Where is the line?

Ouch, that was really esoteric.  I need to go lie down.

BFL: Weight is holding the same, but I expect progress any day now.  I’m getting my workouts in and eating properly, finally.

I have never been so happy to wipe down kitchen counters as I was last night.  I have never brewed a better pot of coffee, than the first one in the new house, brewed fresh, this morning.  I would like to think that the reason I could only find one coffee cup and it was the Dan Marino coffee cup is because it’s time Miami turned it around.  I lined most of the kitchen shelves last night, after cleaning all the sawdust off of them, and tonight, I shall put the dishes away.

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  1. I looked into doing a refi on Beulah when I was on vacation last month… Dude tried to talk me into one of those interest-only for five year deals. Now, I have a plan, and my plan includes moving out of Beulah within the next five years. However, I don’t plan on counting on the market to make her saleable within that time. I know that it may come down to renting her out for awhile until the market recovers. So am I trusting my financial security to the market right now? Oh, fuck no. I’m going to sit pretty on my fancy fixed jumbo and call it a day.

    Me? I’m a sucker for marketing, but in totally abnormal ways. I don’t watch tv, in general, so commercials don’t get to me. But pretty packaging? Oh, my! I’m also a total sucker for anything Starbucks and yes I know that’s evil but whatever! Pretty! And then I use reusable “feminine hygeine products” and I’m totally excited about reusable tissues (hi, allergy queen – I probably go through a tree a year, easily). My cell phone lasted for two and a half years (three?) years until it finally wouldn’t hold a charge through my work day. Then I did research for days and finally decided on my next phone. Which I got for practically free and will probably keep for at least the two years.

    You know… and I have no idea where I was going with all this, except maybe I’m rambly and probably should post a damn blog and quit wasting this space here… HA.

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