The Further Adventures of Fartman!

Why do dogs insist on eating disgusting things? Chester, the neighbor cat has gotten in the habit of crapping in our back yard. Beauregard, being the disgusting creature that he his, has taken to eating Chester’s deposits. The results? Fartman. I’m standing at the Lafayette Street Fair and the Blonde looks at me and says “it smells like poo”. No, that’s just FARTMAN. The toxic cocktail of cat crap, popcorn and a stolen lollipop was really too much for the delicate Doberman digestive system. He’s soooo sleeping alone tonight.

I ran into an artist that I ran into several years ago with the Big Greek Diaper boy. Needless to say, we made an impression. She asked if we were BFF. I guessed so. Several years ago he went home with a mask and a mirror, today I went home with two wine bottles. Check her out here.

The master bath required a revisit. It is finally complete. Mirror in place. I dropped and shattered the original light fixture, but had another on hand, so that was installed in it’s stead. The handles are on the cabinets which have received their final coat of stain. The drop cloth has finally left the kitchen floor and the front door has been rehung for the sixth time.

Astound fails to astound me, unless you find a total lack of service astounding. I lost service yesterday morning and they could do nothing but schedule an appointment next Saturday. So as of this morning I had exactly six days of internet service for the month of September. Yeah, it’s the 16th. I felt it necessary to rip somebody a new one this morning and chose Astound. By the time I was finished, I had a reconfigured modem and service, while tedious is somewhat restored. I told her I could get the same crappy service via AT&T or Comcast and that they really needed to do something to remind me why I chose them in the first place. She did.

I ran into Cousin Jeannie at the Lafayette Street Fair. Cousin Jeannie is awesome. When we were kids, I always thought she was the coolest thing since flavored gelatin. She still is. Her husband is a jeweler and quite a talent. I wouldn’t have been able to chat if she hadn’t come down the Kristin’s booth and ran into me.

Tomorrow, I put the dishes away and start living like normal folk.

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