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A Road Less Traveled

Yesterday’s training schedule called for 83 miles, rolling hills. I probably failed on that because I went over Morgan Territory, which isn’t so rolling and isn’t so much of a hill. And it was 102 degrees when I got home. I did well, in spite of the conditions. I went through all of my PowerBars, most of my gel, seven bottles of water, one bottle of Accelerade, 10 Endurolytes and a partridge in a pear tree. I spent about an hour total off the bike while I was out. That included waylaying two Team in Training support trucks, a stop at a Chevron where I dumped water over my head in the rest room and probably made a terrible mess now that I think about it, three breaks for PowerBars under shade trees and making a mess at Heather Farms like I did at the Chevron. I finished the ride in 7:31, it was a whisker under 82 miles. Left at 6:45 got back around 3:30. According to the bike computer burned 3121 calories. For the most part I rode pretty strong. Strangely, I can move this morning. Then I looked at the Sierra Century website and it says 6500 feet of climbing. I did almost 3300 feet yesterday and I’m very concerned that I can do that twice in the same ride. Don’t know what to make of all this, but it’s giving me adgeda.

These long rides out in the back country are fascinating. Yesterday’s ride was full of snakes. I saw three big dead snakes on the road. Big. Like in over 3 feet, probably closer to 5 or six feet. From the area, I have to assume they were rattlers. I’ve ridden by and heard them in the brush before. I assume they became raptor fodder because they weren’t mangled like road kill. There’s always a lot of road kill. Yesterday there was more than usual. I presume the recent full moon has something to do with that. On Danville Blvd. I saw a doe run across the street around 2:30 in the afternoon, followed by a little black dog with a pink collar. I hope the people get their little dog back. They headed down to the creek.

I had to leave right when I got home to take a couple back through a home they made an offer on and are waffling on countering the counter. They should, the sellers are a little high but properties like this one don’t come around very often, this place is a turnkey showroom. We’ll see what they do. So by the time I got back home I had some bread and brie with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and called it a day.

So let’s talk wine for a minute. I cracked a Yorkville Sauvignon Blanc last night. Initially, the plan was to have the bread and cheese to gather enough strength to show the property and return home for a meal of seared ahi. But the ride took longer than expected so I came home to a bottle of gatorade, a shower and back out the door. So when I got back home, I was really truly done. Finished. Game over. So I got some of my beautiful french bread and some of my brie, poured a glass of the Yorkville Sauv Blanc and said “Wow!” because there was a reason why I took that little sweetie home with me. The combination of citrus and vanilla/honey on the forward with the minerally finish brought it home again. It was the perfect wine with last night’s snack. I wish I had the energy to fire up the grill, but it was nearly 100 degrees in the house and firing up the grill was more than I could handle. I noticed the tasting notes suggested fish tacos. That would be spectacular. This wonderful little wine is only around $15 a bottle and is perfect for this time of the year. And it’s organic.

OK, trying to decide if I’m going wine tasting, hitting golf balls or doing the chores that need to be done around here. I’m so in need of a day off that wine tasting is bubbling up to the top of the pile, and that’s such a bad idea.

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