Rube Goldberg is my bitch.

I finally got the master bathroom finished. American Standard, in all their wisdom, did a straight up shiteous job of designing the vanity I bought. It is nearly uninstallable. I have no idea how a big plumber dude does this sort of work. I can’t get my arms in there, but after six hours yesterday and two more this morning, no leaks.


In all my bliss, I moved on to the kitchen. Possibly not my smartest move, but I was all awash in my lavatorial success and felt the need to forge ahead. The kitchen sink has required probably an excess of ten trips to the hardware store. Or A hardware store. Today alone, I was at Bill’s Ace is the Place, Home Depot, and Home Depot’s Yardbirds. After many hours under the sink and three reconnaissance runs, I give you PLUMBING. It is art.


I have a few kinks to work out, like the water pouring from some of the joints, but I’m getting there. Everything fits and I have the right pieces. Only one piece was left over. This was a single sink with no garbage disposal that is now a double with garbage disposal. If you know that this isn’t to code for some reason, don’t tell me, I don’t want to know right now.

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