Yoga mojo

I got to yoga class yesterday morning. That’s been a long time coming. There’s a class 6 miles from my house, but no, I have to drive to Berkeley to go to Funky Door I used to know Lynn back in the day in SF. She was our spinning instructor. We’d do an hour and a half spin class with her and then go do an hour and a half Bikram yoga class at 20th and Eureka, whatever the name of that studio was. I think they’re still there. The instructor there would tell us about a car wreck she was in where the Doctor’s told her she’d never walk again and how yoga had allowed her to live her life. Yoga may save mine now. My knees are crap, my SI joint is crap and my shoulder is crap. I’ve committed myself to once a week, I would be nice if I could go more, but the commitment is only one class per week. I used to hit yoga twice a week and that really helps but right now once is fine. Anyway, I do miss those three hour workouts. God we were tough back then.

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