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Will you set me free so I can fly away?

Sometimes my inbox is like Christmas. LandAmerica is auctioning off their corporate jet. That sound you hear is the tiniest violin in the world playing a sad song. So long NASCAR Teddy.


Here’s another jewel. This is a company that has no business getting into ANY other sectors. They can’t even get their own sector right. If you recall the escrow that was to close with a HUD but the idiots only sent my buyer a lender’s prelim on a cash transaction? Then they argued with me and said the contract controls the deal. Yes, it does but it helps if the escrow company knows how to read a contract. I needed an extension due to their stupidity. Finally I talked to the Executive Vice President who essentially said “You’re right we don’t know what we’re doing, we’re a lender unit trying to do REO’s”. That was in December. Do you think they got all of those kinks worked out and their ready to take on another business sector today? Not no. Hell no. Actually, these guys are the poster children for why national contracts are wrong. They’re based in some godforsaken hellhole in Southern California and they have no idea how Northern California works. Then they force their business practices onto our clients. Bullshit. They’re a member of the Evil Empire btw. I wonder if Bill just choked on his plonk.

I’m sure he just did. 1Q loss of $12.4 million essentially .06 per share. Now if you don’t pay out the .15 cents per share dividend, do you….oh nevermind.


  • OldTitleGuy

    I’ve already run across one of those deals where the grantor in the insured sale deed on the REO isn’t the same entity that took title on the Trustee’s Deed. Ah well, what’s a total failure of title or two….

  • Skip-itty-doodah

    Hmmm…total failure of title? Hell you’re lucky if anyone reads the prelim..Just close your eyes and it all goes away like magic! By the way the screw off caps are so the Corporate monkeys can open the bottle….and of course mix it with 7-up!..Go Billy Boy..Appraise away!!

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