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Approaching a time that is drastic

Here’s a little something that’ll keep the Old Republic claims department busy for a while.  Oopsie.  Ok, I can see how it happened, sort of, not really.  Yeah Tate is no where to be found.  Imagine that.

That can’t help this.  Net loss $53.9 billion.  Oopsie.  In other news the Evil Empire got downgraded, as did ORI but then The Empire declared a .15 cent dividend per share.  I guess Bill’s wine portfolio isn’t all that.  Think that earnings call on Tuesday is going to contain a net loss?  Wine Dog sez you betcha.  The Bloodless Empire reports on Thursday.  That ought to be a yuckfest.  Does anybody give a rat’s ass about Dinty Moore any more?  Strangely, the seller pulled one of my deals from the Bloodless Empire and handed it to Dinty Moore.  I just hung up my phone, looked at it and blinked.

When Dearest Auntie was here we took her out for her birthday.  We went to Lark Creek in Walnut Creek.  I’ve never drank too much wine there.  Before.  Ever.  Anyway, since the market took a ginormous crap, my days of hanging out there have been fairly limited.  As a matter of fact the last time I had been there previously was with the Amateur then Manager and a big National Account.  Not of his doing, mind you, somebody important actually got the account.  Anyway, I remember thinking “this guy can’t sell”.  He was uncomfortable, couldn’t build rapport and generally squirmed around like he’d rather be playing Dungeons and Dragons.  I had forgotten about that lunch, but now that it’s fresh in my mind, I have to wonder, the guy doesn’t know title, can’t sell and is a lousy manager and they KEPT him.  Let’s see…hmmm… what can he do?  Anyone?  Bueller?

Onward and upward

Glad to see that the boys from Reno 911 are keeping our borders safe.

[youtube v5_RkYXlmXE]

I really hope that’s Reno911 and not our real border patrol.  OK, I’m lying, I’m not hopeful at all.

This little jewel arrived in my inbox yesterday.  Just plain fun.

[youtube PtnF_u2dEwg]

I couldn’t have gotten it right, probably ever in my life, as much as I’d like to go to Sommelier school.  Come on now, I’d be fun at your table.  Here’s something I did get right, a sweet little Zin from Lake County.  X Winery Nova Vineyard’s Organic Zinfandel.   Organic wine usually tastes like ass.  Generally, these days the farms are organic, a lot of the times biodynamic and sustainable.  So the fruit starts out like that but the process of making wine requires a step that doesn’t allow the winemaker to ultimately label the wine as organic.  I can’t remember what it is but Frog’s Leap and Chappellet have taken turns explaining that in my presence and I forgot what it’s called.  Frog’s Leap, Chappellet, Keenan, Benziger are all wineries that grow organic fruit but do not call their wine organic.  That last step in the processing is a tough one.  So the fact that little X Winery up in Lake County got a decent wine done is pretty interesting.  It’s got a jamminess to it and a touch of pepper.  It went well with last night’s grilled steak.  It’s pretty well balanced and pretty well priced at around $16 at the Pleasant Hill Wine Merchant.


  • titleslug

    Could you be confusing sulfite free with organic?
    You’re right, most vineyards follow organic practices, but there is very little value in getting one’s vineyard certified organic. Lou Preston paid dearly for his designation. I’m not certain he’d do it again.
    Wine makers apply sulfites to harvested grapes to kill off bacteria, mold and wild yeast naturally found in the vineyard. Sulfites are a natural by product of winemaking,too, so getting to a sulfite free wine is very hard (and you’r right, the results taste like ass). The whole biodynamics things is beyond explanation. I live 2 miles from the new Bonny Doon tasting room. They use biodynamics. I’d have enjoy a lot of their wine to understand it.

  • The Brother

    You realize the sommelier was probably right and Ramsey was serving a flat corked 1000 quid wine? This little contest reminds me of the evening my office went to the Musee de Vin in Paris. They had a contest, 10 wines, name the year, make and model (aka vintage, region, Chateau. The Americans, including me, looked at each other like ‘WTF?” My response to each wine “it’s French.” Three of the French guys got every one right. I think they paid off the pourers to make the Yanks look bad.

  • Wine Dog

    Hey titleslug, it’s the process. I’ve been asking the winos all day and the consensus is that the addition of sulfites make a product that cannot be marketed as organic, even if the fruit is all organically, biodynamically, blah blah blah grown.

    Of course, the production sans the sulfites tastes like ass, so there you have it!

    I think my answer of “it’s red” wouldn’t be appreciated.

  • Skip-itty-doodah

    okay 3 posts and 2 “tastes like ass”?…what winerey do I need to avoid? By the way the Argentinian/Chilaian =(sp?)Malbecs I’m digging a lot lately…very good. Any comments or advice?

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