Now I wanna be your dog

Last Saturday, Bubba, Rita and I headed up to Elk Grove, California where they were having a walk to raise funds to cure canine cancer.  Many of you who have been reading for a while know that I’ve lost two dogs to cancer.  Toby the Gypsy Doberman in 2004 and my beloved Beauregard last year.  Both dogs succumbed to lung cancer.  I don’t smoke, never have, so it’s a little bizarre to me that I’ve lost two dogs that way.  But I did.  And they’re gone.  I was planning on walking in their memory.  Then Dominic and Judi lost Bruno.  I walked for Bruno too.  It was a very emotional day.  I got there to a dog walk holding a picture of Beauregard and could barely keep it together.  Then I saw the Doberman United folks and that helped settle me back down.  Because of the upcoming 71 mile ride I was only going to do the short walk.  There was a group of ladies that had made tanks that all had little angel decals on them with the name of a friend now gone from canine cancer.  It didn’t help matters.  There was a woman there with a big black dog with a terrible tumor on her snout about the size of a baseball.  I felt bad for her and hoped she wasn’t in pain.  We left promptly at 9am and did a little 3k walk.  It was nothing and not really worth driving to Elk Grove, although the event raised $18,000 for the Morris Animal Foundation.  So when they started the 5k a little later, we walked that with the group too.  On the first walk a woman came up to me and said she was from the foundation and wondered if I had a minute to talk.  I told her I wanted to stay with the group could I catch her later?  She said to come by their booth afterwards.  Afterwards we were checking out the booths when they said it was time for our group photo.  As we were milling around, there was the lady again.  She conducted a quick interview, maybe ten questions about Beauregard, Toby and Bruno. I think I did a pretty good job so when they’re done editing (probably me out) I’ll get that up here.  It’s supposed to be on youtube.  Yes, I’m already on youtube anyway, playing drunken WII boxing.


In order, Lukas, Kayla, Twitch, Bubba, Rita and Guiness.

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  • judir6

    holy shit. i just now noticed your fucking sign. just now. i am a dumbass. thanks so much. i just got that pic printed in an 8×10 and tonight I framed one for d and one for his mom. he’s going to shit when he see’s it. thanks so much for all your concern. i know you understand….

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