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Just like that river twists across a dusty land

I have to say, I hate reading that PBE readers are in trouble.  I hate it when y’all fall on tough times, take pay cuts, lose your jobs, or worse of all lose your houses.  It just drives home the importance of not remaining silent. And a bunch of you have been having a really rough time and I will continue to rant and shit disturb on your behalf.  That being said, First American Title Insurance Company (NYSE: FAF) just sent out the $26.1 million dollars under the terms of the settlement for illegally unpaid overtime for Title Officers.  I do wonder if the Amateur (now demoted) Manager got a check because once upon a time he was supposedly a Title Officer although I never saw any evidence that he knew a damn thing about structuring a deal.  For the record, of the 28 deals I’ve written this year, one large insurer has never been penciled into one of my contracts.  Wanna guess which one?  Even the Burgermeister has seen ink, but not the Bloodless Empire.

But I’d rather talk about wine today.  I think I’ve mentioned it but if not, the Wine Dog is going to the Pinot Summit this Sunday to drink learn about Pinot.  I’ll be tweeting from the event and blogging about it later.  There are break out sessions and I’m particularly fired up about  the break out session entitled “Let’s talk about dirt”.  For some reason, later in life I have taken an interest in farming.  I blame Miro.  Still, I believe the best wine starts in the field and this will be a discussion of regions.

The other thing that’s happening this weekend is the Cinderella.  I sure hope I’m ready to go.  I have to tinker with the bike over the next couple of days to be sure it’s in top running shape.  65 miles through the tri-valley area.  Pray for no wind.  Thanks.  It’s essentially the first big training ride for the LiveStrong.  I’m so used to riding alone that I have to learn to ride in packs before July.  This ride is women only which hopefully will make for slower crashes that I can avoid.  Hopefully.

I cracked a Gemtree Tadpole Shiraz 2004 the other night.  ($16.99 at Pleasant Hill Wine Merchants, less for club members) I drank way too much of it because it was so damned good.  It had a lot of vanilla and caramel for a Shiraz and light fruit.  It had a nice long finish wasn’t too tight and really was a joy to drink.  Then I realized what would be reallly reallly good with it.  So I got some sweet potatoes and roasted them in a touch of olive oil while I grilled a pork chop.  I made a rub that consisted of salt, pepper, cayenne, garlic, brown sugar, allspice and cinnamon.  I rubbed the chop down with it and grilled it, but then I took a teaspoon of it and hand mashed the sweet potatoes.  Perfect.

And finally, a little fun from my pal the WannabeWino, Sonadora.

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