Thursday Christmas Party obstacle course

I have two Christmas parties today. It will be an obstacle course. I got much of my shopping done last night in the City. Spent way too much, but who doesn’t? Some lovely gifts for some friends and my brother. I don’t know what to do about the Ministry of Disinformation (my Mother) but I still have 9 days. She’s old and has everything she’ll ever need, although she continues to find things to spend money on. Yet she can’t Christmas shop for the family any more. which is why my brother and I will be attending Christmas at the Royal Tennenbaums.

My weight is fluxuating around wildly right now. I’m not sure what’s up but for the most part, I’ve been behaving. I’m taking today as my free day. There will be too much crap around all day so I took a break from the gym this morning (cardio) and I’ll make it up on Sunday. Of course the following Sunday will be a free for all.

Critical to my success is getting to the Chiro. Once a month should do it, but I really need to get my butt over there once a month. Then once a month for a massage and if I alternate every two weeks with one or the other, I should stay on course. I got my elbow adjusted yesterday. I did not realize how compromised it was until she adjusted it and it started feeling better. This is a great thing. I backed my max goal off 10 pounds on the bench and that’s been helping too. I don’t think I’m as “back” from my shoulder problems as I’d like to think. Still, next up January 14 in Napa. Hoo Ya!

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