Around the Horn

Street scenes

No sooner do I mention the lady in the Viking hat…she was parked at Sutter and Montgomery today.  I hadn’t seen her in years.  And the piper was at Davis and Market.  And when you really know you love this town is when guys like this:


make your day.  This is Frank Chu.  I was standing next to him when a bike messenger rode by and flashed a sign to him and said “Rock on Frank”.  Rock on Frank.  One day we may interview you for Pink Bunny Ears.

Who knew?

When Matt Williams used to get on a hitting streak, he’d say the ball looked like a big old grapefruit coming off of the pitcher’s hand.  This is such a big old grapefruit that it’s not really fair if I do hit it out of the park.  It’s more along the lines of shooting fish in a barrel.  The headline in the USA Today today says “Dozens of bridges rated “deficient” since 80’s”.  This is too much of a meatpie.  If you really still don’t know who’s fault this is, check out the tags.

Down on the Farm

The carpet was installed yesterday.  I am beside myself with joy.  It looks awesome.  A big shout out to Brian Rogan at California Custom Carpets in Dublin.  His guys were in and out and did an amazing job.  What amazes me is that one of the services Brian offers is to pay his bill at close of escrow.  Had his seller done this, instead of trying to sell a place with piss-ridden chartreuse carpet, she’d have probably gotten at least asked.

Weight is holding at 207-209.  I haven’t gone to the gym this week and will start the new challenge on Monday after me and all my crap once again live in the same house.  I can’t wait for Sunday morning!

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